The countdown begins

Hi guys, I discovered the forum a couple of days ago and there's some great information, memories and stories on here.... Keep it up!

About me, I'm 29 and ex British Army. Served in Iraq, Kosovo, Ahanistan and Africa. Since I left five years ago things have gone from bad to worse. Got divorced, don't see my daughter, lost family and friends, got into trouble with the law.... The usual sob story.

Now most would think that because of my 'misfortunes' I'm now contemplating joining the Legion simply because of this. Not so. I joined the Army at 16 years old, after having seemingly been born with my future destined to be military, and loved my job. However, I discovered the Legion at about 13, thanks to my habit of reading anything and everything I could about war etc from an early age. I quickly developed a fascination with the FFL that resulted in family members and even school teachers intervening to talk me out of my plans to go to Paris as soon as I was 17 and a half. In the end it worked and I joined the British army instead.

Now however, I have nothing left. I'm not a civilian, I don't fit in. I drink too hard, speak too bluntly, my sense of humour is too dark and I miss having guys around me that have been through the same shit as I have.
So in a few weeks I'm throwing whatever I don't need away and heading for Paris.
Of course I'm as anxious as anyone else, hoping I get selected and pass medicals etc, but I'll only know if I go so my course is set.

Im still fit but I'm working on pull ups and so on, however the main skill I'll be working on until I leave is learning as much French as possible. I've already picked a lot up from reading and watching YouTube videos!

To all the current or former legionnaires I have a question....
Could prior military service sometimes go against you?
It may seem like a strange question but I did a lot in the army including specialist courses, when I get there my mouth will be firmly shut and all orders will be obeyed without question, but I wonder if someone (maybe in the Gestapo) office might think that I would get bored with going through the basics again and therefore have i higher chance of deserting or going civil.
Perhaps I'm overthinking it but I would appreciate any replies - it would be good to hear everyone's thoughts on the issue anyway!

Joseph Cosgrove

Hi ruggers88 and welcome to the forum. You question is pretty hard to answer, because it will depend on your attitude and your interviews. If you are doing the tasks set you with rigor and not showing any "I'm pissed off but i'll do it" attitude, it should be OK. Remember the corporals that you will be seeing day and night will have their say.
Ruggers 88,

Welcome to the forum. Good luck in selection. Obey all orders with alacrity. Don't make comparisons with your prior service and don't get into fights.

Happy Christmas and a prosperous and successful New Year full of adventure.

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