You and the Foreign Legion

YOU and the FFL

  • No plans on joining

    Votes: 30 12.0%
  • Plans on joining

    Votes: 167 66.8%
  • Tried to join, got rejected - not going back

    Votes: 2 0.8%
  • Tried to join, got rejected - going back

    Votes: 10 4.0%
  • Served less than 5 years

    Votes: 9 3.6%
  • Served 5 years or more

    Votes: 30 12.0%
  • Serving now

    Votes: 2 0.8%

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What is your relationship with the FFL? Are you an ancien or a wannabe? Or maybe you have tried to join, but been rejected?

I think it would be interesting to see who on this board who have served in the FFL etc.
I thought there were more Anciens in this forum. Also, I thought there were a few people currently serving. So...maybe they haven't voted, or maybe there are some story tellers here. Anyway, how many wannabes do you think are actually going to go and at least attempt becoming legionnaires? To be honest, I still have my doubts. But I would say I'm 90% sure that I'll be traveling over to France in the near future. The only things that would hold me up would be, an unexpected pregnancy with my girl, or some kind of legal problems with getting a passport due to my criminal history. I've heard stories about people having trouble getting one because of that.
Have/had a bf who joined FFL in 2002. Haven't heard of him since 2004 when he got sent to africa. if i/girls could join the FFL, he'll never live it down :p
Interresting idea, just to get a better idea of the "attendance" to this forum. Thanks Echo. I'll make it a sticky and you are all welcome to vote. Don't be shy, it's completely anonymous... but be honest !

P.S : I voted of course "no plans on joining". 44 is way too old to get a képi blanc on my head. :(
I dunno boys. I don't trust this Administration further than I can throw it. We might not even get a chance to head for France. Dubya's talkin bout Iran the same way he was talkin bout Iraq back in the day. It's either a political tactic to further convince the American public that we're in some sort of imminent danger, or it's war. If it's war you can bet yer ass there's gonna be a draft... we're spread too thin as it is.
Anyway, if I CAN join the Legion I WILL join the Legion. Mark my words.

Martin Scott

echo said:
Who are the ones who served less than 5 years? Did you desert? :confused:
eCHO i KNOW FOR AFACT THAT eAGLE eYE DIDNT DESERT unlike some of you wannabes, He had the balls to give his word and stick to it, along with Beau Sheep and Jock as well as myself. Please do not make remarks about anciens that you know nothing about. Till you have a Kepi Blanc on your head and a five year contract under your belt.
also California J, Martin Clarke, Voltigeur 1, Exlegionnaire: any other former legionnaires who you know didn't/haven't deserted....
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jus wonderin wot anciens means? and Honi soit qui mal y pense means Evil unto he who evil speaks 2 Eagle eye it was one of brother regiments,regimental motto.
I don't know what G.Bush has to do with joining the FFL but I am willing to be enlightened. I think you can trust George to be proactive in the defense of his and my country. We aren't going to wait for a sucker punch any more. That means if we see you pulling one glove on we will kick them in the nuts..end of story. What kind of info will convince people that we are at war with people who have a 12th century mentality and only respect force. That force needs to be flexed or they don't think we have any. What the **** do you think the Legion is doing for France..march and sing and drink wine. As to the draft. Draftees can drive trucks and pick up cig butts but a modern western fighting soldier takes a minimum of 2 years to train..a minimum and you are still untested. Western militaries that are worth a shit are going to continue to rely on young patriots with balls that want to volunteer. Good troops have to be intelligent and trainable and motivated. If we don't have enough men in that category I guess we do like the Romans and hire barbarian mercenaries...naaaa
Why is it that every Republican who visits this board feels the need to spout off about how great Dubya is? My reasons for joining the Legion are my own, where do you get off questioning them? No, I don't like our current "leadership", nor did I like our former "leadership"... in what manner does that concern you? I'm fed up with arguing politics, don't expect to get a rise out of me anymore. If you join the Legion then you'd best throw politics out the door man, or you're gonna get the shit kicked out of you. I'm not threatening you, or trying to scare you, that's just how it is. You're gonna have to train and fight alongside people like me, and if you don't like it, then stay in our military. Christ, chill out. If you wanna argue politics don't do it in one of the stickies. I simply made the observation that if we DO go to war with Iran (which I don't think we will), there WILL be a draft, and we WILL NOT have the luxury of going to France.
btw, when you planning on joining?
This site is for everyone who wants to be on it, including those who don't start off by bellyaching about an elected official. I am almost 65 years old and have 5 children,all older than you. I served my country already and spent 25 years in law enforcement,none of it in an office. I also don't think it is appropriate to speculate about who is going to get their ass whipped. Nobody ever whipped an ass with a typewriter. I have been to France twice and am planning to see France again soon and I will try to visit the musee on the next trip. I enjoy France, admire people who volunteer to fight for whatever. I never questioned your reasons for thinking about joining the legion..nor did I say I was a Republican. You will have your hands full in France I hear and I trust you will need your it and don't joist at windmills,especially old windmills.
"This site is for everyone who wants to be on it"

I don't recall saying it wasn't.

"including those who don't start off by bellyaching about an elected official."

Yes, true. We also have those who would bellyache about other's opinions concerning elected officials, and then get defensive when they retaliate.

"I am almost 65 years old and have 5 children,all older than you. I served my country already and spent 25 years in law enforcement,none of it in an office."

I have two grandparents who would agree with me, one of whom is 85, and the other of whom is 95... and at least one other who's dead (died at 89). My grandfather spent his entire life in the service of the New York City Fire Department. I also have two parents who would agree with me, both of whom are 60... although I don't see what age has to do with anything, if you wanna play that card we can play it.

"I also don't think it is appropriate to speculate about who is going to get their ass whipped. Nobody ever whipped an ass with a typewriter."

Like I said, I wasn't threatening you, and nobody is speculating. Fact is politics aren't popular in the Legion, and if you spout off about this and that, especially about how great Dubya is, you're DEFINITELY gonna get your ass kicked... at least that's what the Anciens have told me. I had assumed you were an aspiring legionnaire like myself, and was trying to give you helpful advice.
For the record, I have no problem with war. I just have a problem with wars I don't believe in.
I'd rather not have our relationship start off on a bad foot. I don't come to this site to make enemies. Hopefully we can agree to a ceasefire.
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