Which T-Shirt Slogan would be yours?

gatorojo ✞

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While she won't let me wear it in public, she got me one for my birthday 10 years ago that has a column of Caduceus (the medical symbol with two snakes entwined around a vertical staff) running down the right side, and the slogan "Orgasm Donor" beside it.

And brother Chas, I'm wearing a green one myself, today. It's only got Parachutist wings on the left breast with a blue and white tab saying "Airborne" over it.

Martin Scott

Today is cancelled due to lack of interest..................................................


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"A successful man is one who makes more money then his wife can. A successful woman is one who can find such a man"

Bags ;-)


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I'll start working when my coffee does.

Keep calm and get your goddam hands out of your pockets.

Old Army (done in the Old Navy logo but printing companies are hesitant to print a few off)