Which T-Shirt Slogan would be yours?


Martin Scott

Polo shirt no referance to a slogan but got a badge of a certain regiment on it. The Mighty REC
As above but washed and ironed lol for today, got some weird looks on the school run though.. especially as my daughter French teacher was on gate duty lol

Martin Scott

Got one thatsays inked chubby and awesome, Well I hate to disagree with my public, It was a birthday present really...
An utterly despicable and tasteless T.Shirt. Bahaut karab- atcha nai hai.

Chas born before WW2. Father OR KIA mother in Blitzkrieg.

Martin Scott

read the legion code of honor it clearly states, that every legionnaire is your brother, that means regardless of race reglion creed ect.
Thank you best forgotten. Bear Grylls' late father was a a RM Cdo officer and subsequent MP.
As for his son I will make no comment.

Ginge N

Actual or Ex Legionnaire
One I got while working with the Seal teams "The only easy day, was yesterday" printed on their "Blue & Golds".

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