What is "basic training" like ?

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I find this one of the best posts about the Legion i have read on this forum. Thank you for taking the time to inform us wannabes.
Holy shit this is exactly what I have always wanted. I haven't even gotten through the first page yet, but thank you so much dude for being so thorough in your experiences as it looks. I really appreciate it, you fucking rock.
Wow seems like you had great time, I understand it was hard and taxing, but in the end you did pull through with what seems like a smile on your face :). I am surprised you opted out cause you seemed, from you perspective at least, to be doing well for yourself there.
Well I would like to have a similar account of the Regiment life since that is where its at, too bad you could not provide us with that. Keep looking for yourself good luck m8 ;)
I don't know man, since what I've read you didn't liked in there because of that many activities "non-militaristic" (like corvee and such) and that few militaristic right? Or, that's the first thing I read on this forum, and a thing that I've heard already, is that basic training is indeed very "basic". I wonder whether you didn't leave just before the interesting part started.
One more thing, it's a little weird how you considered all superiors to be mad, the guy that was elected to say the code when you received the kepis a twat, etc. Maybe you didn't had the right attitude to feel good there. Kinda sad to think a guy who really wanted that was sent home and you got accepted. On the other hand congrats for giving it a shot so that you are now at ease mentally, instead of wondering "what if" for the rest of your life, and thanks for the detailed info.


Actual or Ex Legionnaire
Good read mate. Brought back some good memories from Aubagne and Castel. I remember the Brazalian cch from Aubagne: he smashed one of my mates when we were rouge, a downward punch to the head if i remember correct lol. The mad English guy from Castel, Karsten who was injured as well, met him too complete fuckin lunatic good fella in an alcoholic i don't give a **** type of way.
Lloydy1984 - Dude, that's the guy! Fucking nutter. He still owes me €150!! He's a good guy, from the town next to me so I may well see him again as he's back home, inapte militaire.

Wolfer_andrei - I get your point mate. I only refer to CCH as being "quite mad" as they generally are. As far as taking a place that someone else could of had, it's shite. My section was a small one anyway, just 35 when the average was nearer 60, so it wasn't like I took the place of some shit hot potential recruit. If they were a better prospect than me they'd be in anyway. Also there was a guy in my section that went straight to Aubagne for the équipe de cross to serve his time and get a passport within a couple of years and represent France at 10 km. He enlisted under his real name and will be at the Olympics, so don't think only the most dedicated and deserving get a place. Even so, thanks for the compliments, hope it was useful.

Oh and the guy that said the code was a twat, he wasn't chosen because he was such a great guy, he was chosen because he happened to stand middle of front rank due to his height.
Really nice post, haven't had the time to read all of it yet but it already brought back so many memories.

And as for the Polish caporal-chef in Aubagne... when we got to rouge I honestly thought he will kill us all in the most painful way he could think of (this alone proves that he is the right guy for the job). But spending the one week with him allowed me to discover that he was a really great guy. :p
Excellent write up.

It seems like you played by the rules, and decided it wasn't for you which is fair enough.

If you supposedly "took" the place of another recruit when you started, the same logic means you later created a space for someone going through after you. Swings and roundabouts on that argument.
Thank you for sharing your experiences. Nobody should hold what you did against you - you did what you had to do.

Best of luck on your future endeavors.


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What you did was worse than deserting :mad:
Thank you Phantom for sharing your tale. I found it to be one of the best written posts on the forum. I don't think I read a reason as to WHY you decided to leave. You knew what to expect... You made an informed decision to enlist. It may have been legal but it doesn't seem right... I'm with you CdeChiotte.
Hi mes amis,

Hey Phantom309, I think I understand where you are coming from. Sometimes it just takes awhile to realise that something isn't what you want. This is why they give us exit points. It's no good for the Legion to have someone who doesn't want to be there, and it's no good for the person who is wanting to leave.

Bonne chance!
Thank you very much for your post, but i think you should have had waited until you got posted to a regiment to make your final desicion. Good luck


This thread should be made a sticky. It's far and away the best thread I have read here. Insightful, sobering, brutally honest and contemplative it has certainly given me considerable food for thought.

Thank you for taking the time to post this, I’m very grateful to you and the very best for your future.
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