What are you listening to today?


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Sarahlouise great taste as always!


That brit- spice taste in certain music of mid 90s is ... incredible. Grew up on that, love it. There is nothing like it no more!


Or The Fatboy Slim is facking in heaven :) :cool: :)


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=so9DBHCo64Q - - - Video kicks ass !!!

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Dusa, let me explain the Thai gym I go to. The owner is a Norwegian who spends all his time in Norway. In the heavy rain season the gym is flooded out. There's no aircon and the bins are full to overflowing. Some of the adjustable benches the padding is held together with duck tape.
Have you seen the Rocky film where he goes to Russia to train?
So don't tell me that the Cranberries or ed Sherran (or whatever he is called) or Adele or Zayn (actually I like this one a lot) is not gym music.
So that's what you've got to motivate you while you're sweating last nights beer out.
It is the walkout song for Chan Sung Jung "The Korean Zombie" a popular fighter in the UFC (#7 ranked Featherweight). So it's a fight song too, and internationally loved at that.
Great group, used to listen to them a ton back in the day. She was too young to go.
Shakira songs are in my playlist when I run, so I don't see any problems to listening to whatever you want when you train.

Regarding Dolores O'riordan and the Zombie song, me gusta la voz de Shakira when she does a cover of this song:


Joseph Cosgrove

France Gall who passed away on the 7th Jan RIP
A French song composed by Michel Berger (the companion of France Gall) and Luc Plamondon. This amazing song is interpreted in English by an extraordinary singer called Peter Kingsberg. The interview is carried out by France at the end.

And here's another song that may surprise everyone that it was written by two French men Claude Francois (very well know in France) and Jacques Rivaux. If you do not know the English version, then forget it ! :

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