[Joining] Well guys, do I have any chance to join?

Hello, so I'm an ex-military, officer with experience, I speak a few foreign languages, now learning French and doing serious sport time with running, weight lifting and etc., because of plan to join the Legion in 2018. But in 2014, i got to a very serious car crash, have a big scar on my shoulder, and also big scar on my head because of broken glass. So can this be a reason for not being accepted in the Legion?
Thank you for your recommendations and advice.
Guaranteed they will send you for xrays and medical checks. Of you only have scars with no limitations you will probably be fine... BUT it's up to the discretion of the doctor. BRING corroborating medical documents saying you are fine. Bring extra money as they will send you for more testing even if you bring documents to see for themselves. (The documents are basically to make a case for them to even give you a chance and not just toss you out immediately). Be in amazing physical condition and blow away the tests so they see you have no limits. Be motivated, hungry and focused.

If you have no metal in your body or permanent damage your chances are probably as good as any other candidate....assuming you have medical documents and tests at hospitals in Marseille go well. Good luck.
yes , i have scars with no limitations, as my doctor said it's only deep cuts, or smthing like this, he just sew it and this is it. i go to gym every second day, trying to get maximum firepower as possible. and you said about the metal ? what you had in your mind ?
Metal is if you've broken some bones and the doctors have to screw your bones together with metal pins for them to heal. If you have any screws in your bones, you won't be accepted.
yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, guys you just made me soooooooo happpppppppppy. I will do my best to have a chance to say Loud and proud, that Legio patria nostra. :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))) thank you guys you made me really happy. :)
Everything told to you before still applies. No one here are doctors in Legion selection. Good luck.

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so guys today i made a photo of one of my scars. so i want your opinion, or share your expierience.
Can this make any problems for me ?
Why employ something that is broken and mended, when there's better? As Nickfury mentioned, no one here is a Doctor, your chances to be accepted are reduced to 'waste of time', i can say that, i worked in the recruitment, you are wasting your and everyone elses time, Gaspodin tavaritch vytautelisss.
so guys today i made a photo of one of my scars. so i want your opinion, or share your expierience.
Can this make any problems for me ?
Unless you've already tried (and failed) you could invest a bit of time in finding out how to beautify this scar. Google and youtube search is your friend 'scar surgery removal'.
You're right, it's just a scar. An ugly one at that. Including my own I've seen more beautiful post-surgery scars. If that is the first (beauty) impression you make, dear me, you better try and fix it. And that's not just about joining the legion. If they find it repuslive how might girls react on this?

Joseph Cosgrove

If you opt for the x-Ray then it might be better to let the legion doctor write a note of the type and whereabouts of the x-ray he wants. Someone said 50 euros, which sounds reasonable. Covering it up may just look like that, you are covering it up.

Martin Scott

Chill. This is only a scar. He had no broken bones. The scar is just a natural part of the healing process.

It all depends on the doctor but ..
With me were a few people who have had broken bones and there was no problem.

Just do an x-ray and go. No one is a doctor here but there is nothing to worry about. (right now at least)
Basically take all the documentation translated into French.
FFS Youve be answered by a Legion Kepi Noir that had 19 years service and worked in recruitment,even he said that the one to decide is a Legion Doctor
Next week i will ask my lithuanian doc, to check the scar, to see is there any problems with it, or is this everything ok, but only don't look very nice. I think this will be enough. :)

About he car crash i mentioned in the beginning. Afterwork about 23.00, we were going from KlaipÄ—da, back home to Vilnius. it's about 300+ km. So with the speed 130 km/h our car hitted an elk, ant the airbag didn't worked correctly. So this is the reason i got this scar. :)

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