Two French soldiers KIA in Mali

Two soldiers of Opération Barkhane were killed, and one wounded, when their vehicle was hit by the explosion of an IED.
No more details released so far.
Yes, correct. The soldiers killed and the wounded one belonged to the 1er Régiment de Spahis based in Valence, south of Lyon, not to be confused of course with the city of Valencia in Spain (also called Valence in French).
1er RS, along with 1er REC, is one of the two light cavalry regiments of the 6e BLB (Brigade Légère Blindée, Light Armoured Brigade).
In WW2 the regiment (then called 1er Régiment de Spahis Marocains) fought with the Free French and received the Croix de la Libération (like the 13e DBLE and others).
Brigadier-chef Timothé Dernoncourt
Sergent-chef Emilien Mougin

Mirage 2000 N, crashed shortly after taking off from N’djamena, Chad.
The 2 man crew ejected and are safe.

• Brigadier-chef Thimoté Dernoncourt (left) was 32, single.
• Sergent-chef Émilien Mougin (right) was 31, with a civil partner and two children.
The wounded is the CO of the regiment Col François-Xavier Héon.


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Oh God, I was just yesterday explaining to some friends that more people got hurt during the last 10 years in Greek's military service than did in the Legion's many combat theatres.

Rest in peace gentlemen.

[Morts pour la France 🇫🇷] "Rendre hommage à nos soldats se passe en trois temps, tous aussi importants les uns que les autres.

Le premier se déroule avec ses compagnons d'armes, restés sur le territoire.
Le deuxième temps, c'est l'arrivée en métropole. C'est l'accueil de la communauté.
Le troisième marque les hommages de la Nation aux soldats qui ont combattu pour nos libertés."

Général d'armée Jean-Pierre Bosser, chef d'état-major de l'armée de Terre
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French embassy in Burkina Faso attacked. Attackers neutralised !

- Update -
At least 24 victims, 5 westerners. 4 attackers neutralised. The attack was on the French embassy / and the Burkinabè Army HQ (État-Major général de l'Armée). Following media live!
Burkina Faso is south east of Mali and land locked = supplies / interventions,evacutations,can only be done by air or terrestre convoys

There was an explosion (maybe for diversion) then small arms fire. 24/28/30 dead (at least 5 westerners)....
The GISM claimed responsibility for the Burkina Faso attack.
Colonel Héon, Chef de Corps (Commanding Officer) of du 1er Régiment de Spahis, wounded in the attack in Mali, is now replaced by the Colonel Stève Carleton, former CO of 2 REI.
Hi Andy can you elaborate a bit on the Steve Carleton story? Cheers.
He was the chef de corps at 2 REI (before the current one). Other than that, I don't know now about him. Source : Aumilitaire BTX
Needed an experienced officier, for a mission and sector of such importance. I guess it will be a stepping stone towards Général. 2 REI have produced many elite (the Gen currently commanding 6e BLB did a large part of his career at the “REAL 2” and BTX my auld capitain.
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