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This is about Ryan, the person selling legionnaire guides on YouTube. I have known him for a while. How long and how well is kept secret. My name here is kept secret to ensure my safety. Specific information won't be discussed publicly. The truth should be known about him. The following is the story he has told me:

Ryan, or his real name Rehan was a legionnaire. He lived in France and was married and had a child with a French woman. To support his wife and child, he joined the Legion. Ryan claims to have passed Legion tests and selection and completed la Marche Képi Blanc and earned his Green beret and White kepi. Whether or not he is a real Legionnaire is not up to me to decide as I do not know what is the criteria to decide who is and isn't a legionnaire.
About 6 months into the Legion, he was able to make a phone call to his wife. She was unfaithful and Ryan became depressed and requested to take a break from the Legion (with ability to return) by his commander. A divorce ensued, and Ryan went back to India.

Ryan's videos were deleted a few weeks. This is because ex-legionnaire threatened Ryan. Ryan knew skilled people who stopped the threat and gave him advice. At this time several other legionnaires contacted Ryan to have him stop the videos and guide selling. Ryan is in contact with several active and ex-legionnaires. Some in 2REP, some in 2REI and 3REI. I'm not sure how many Legionnaires he is in contact now.

Ryan's goal seems to raise enough money to fund his charity in India for poor Indian people. If anyone has questions about this guy, they are free to ask.