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I did not know that cabot meant that in French slang and I certainly did not mean it that way. I meant it as a familiar term or `tutoyage` amongst caporals. This thread references Gast, someone I once knew. I highjacked it slightly to ask my own selfish questions but what you have written takes it completely off the rails. I haven't (yet) read any of your prior posts to know what you're about but I like this forum and many of the people within it who contribute positively to it.
There are many different ways to f*** people over and one of those ways is through facial recognition software and/or playing with files available globally. As the old adage goes, never throw stones if you live in a glass house.
Anyways, I'm happy to see that M. Gast is alive and well given some of the experiences he's had.
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I just received a question from Joseph, the mod, asking what's my beef with you. I replied, none. Was stating a fact... A stray dog in French... Clebs, clébard, cabot, slang /argot, si tu prefères.
Cabot is slang in French for a stray dog...
Well, not really a stray dog, just a dog generally speaking. A bit old-fashioned. Clebs, clébard are other French slang words for dog, as you mentioned, and are derived from the Arabic kelb. “Cabot” also means somebody who is full of himself, loves to show off in a silly and slightly ridiculous way... Not saying this applies to you... Don't get me wrong. :)


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Le petit caporal what's wrong and with who you having dispute? I don't see nothing in this thread which should make you grumpy. Unless there is something I don't know about I think you misinterpreting something here.


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Dusaloss,do you know ja govirite mali serbie hvarskl? Like, dodji vamo i pushie mi curatz, godspadjiza...merci FROPONU
hahh :). dodji vamo i pushie mi curatz, godspadjiza. To you too. sir. ;) (Haha don't work in that way). Anyway I'm glad when I hear my language which is not google-translated.

Be well my Le petit caporal I hope that there is no any trouble between us.

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