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The French culture ministry in Paris have a general commission for terminology, all guided by the Académie Français. They ban foreign words from being used by regular citizens; mostly English words... Language police, if you will.
The French Academy has been around since 1635, during the reign of King Louis XIII (8th) and is the authority over the French language. In 1994 the French government passed legislation mandating (laws that tell people how to live) that official publications, contracts and advertisements be in French. So media must also obey these laws....
The Germans, the Greeks, even the Chinese are trying to do the same. Welcome to the side effects of globalization.
There are 10 members of the French Academy. Notables such as Henri Toryat, Marguerite Yourcenar, Julien Green, Eugene Ionesco, Claude Levi Strauss and Leopold Senghor. Some of the best known authors of French history where also members; La Fontain, Voltaire, Pierre Corneille, Jean Racine, Victor Hugo, Edmond Ronstand and Paul Valery.
In 1994 Jacques Toubon French minister of culture brought out a law banning any English substitutes to the French language. This meant 'Nous allons regarder un match de foot ce weekend et manger un hotdog' would have to be said 'nous allons regarder un tournoi de ballon au pied à la fin de semaine et manager un chien chaud.'

This was known as la loi (law) Toubon. Needless to say the journalists took notice of this law for no longer than a 'fin de semaine.'

The younger generation like to be cool and throw in a few English words in their conversations.


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The younger generation like to be cool and throw in a few English words in their conversations.

There is some terms which are better described with English so using it make sense. If one trowing in English words just to be cool... that's not so cool. :cool:

Many languages will eventually adopt some English words as they did through the history with other dominant cultures.
I know that the French also have bi-yearly meetings (?) on how to keep 'real' French pure. Quebec often looks to France when it comes down to how to speak properly. The news and such, official things, are all done in proper Parisian French. Behind their backs though the French are often made fun of for being stuck up and a little too proper.

But what I really want to know is... HL+BF... How is the baby? How is the move? How are your studies? (You are not going to quit!) If in France, how is learning French coming? I read somewhere that school was something like €300-900 per semester... Inquiring minds want to know...
I am good, the baby is kicking already. I am going to stop my studies for a while to take care of her, I believe its more important now. I will only study french in france, by my own I guess. I studied for 6 months with weekly classes, so basics words is okay.

"inquiring minds" ? why they just ask for themselves?
Oh sh*t, you're pregnant?
Have you decided on a name yet?
yes, I already said in other post but dont remember. No, we didnt decide a name yet, but it will be a french one for sure.

Hahah .You sound like you're asking a girl which came on your doorstep and which you've met only once six months ago and slept with her. :)

Read more carefully ;)
I kinda of laugh but he definitily should train a better reaction when his time come.

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