Things have changed

What a minute. Are you sure he is 2 REG? I know I talked with him about new VBCI Because I thought he was in cavalry (2e REI).
I just looked through some old posts, he posted this:

"Sorry to cut in on this interesting debate but just to give a few short words.
I'm in 2e REG now, started instruction and will finish in 2nd Company. That is all for now but soon I will be able to buy a laptop so more will come.
Stay safe."

I also noticed a lot of names in the threads of guys who aren't on the forum anymore sadly.


He is 2REG, I am 1REG, no...we just have the new VABS, nothing especially fancy. The new ones are ok, Less room tho. I just did the stage TOP at canjeurs or however you spell that, with the MIT 50 fun stage. Easy to learn the TIM, VIM. Learn to attach it all and get it up and running. The celanoid( However you spell that), also; for the 50. Its cool, you are not exposed to the enemy if there is one. Just sit inside and play with the joy stick and blast away. Just like a game, really. Plus it is the old SC1 system, and all in English. So if you speak English its not possible to fail.
I had to do lots of traduction with the Adj. to explain some terms, but it wasn't hard. Anyway, yea...theres all that.

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