The Spanish Legion declares war on obesity


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haha, I heard about that one. There some other units which could do same. :)

Is it maskote of Spanish Legion goat? That all kind of funny. :)



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Not uncommon for these type of units. In the French Army, the North African Tirailleurs regiments had a ram as a mascot.
That's more understandable. I know that many units have pat mascot, but is kind of weird when all-male unit marching around with ironed goats :) I won't comment on their uniforms. Don't know much about Spanish Legion, but man on first glimpse they look weird. :)
Recommend to all: watch the film, Pépé le Moko, starring Jean Gabin.
I was 13 yrs old at the time when I first watched it on BBC 2, a saturday night, i think. ..yeah @ that period French culture was imported big time. Mother speaks perfect French and blasted my lugs with Piaf, Distel, Aznavour etc.


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My friends, don't get insulted. I heard about many sheep shagging joke going around UK . Sometimes is for Welsh, sometimes for Scots. So on whose expense is this joke more used up there on island?

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