This is it. This is how you will gauge just exactly where you are heart wise. If you men follow the instructions exactly, do not cheat, and do not make silly excuses as to why your numbers are either sh*t or low, it is because you, YOU, did this to yourself. If you are a smoker of cigarettes, forget even doing this as your nitric levels are so gone you wont even suck air by the time you are done. I ask that all of you please be honest with yourself if and when you take this test, should you.
If anyone has something to say like, "we did this in the 80's and what not"...or Stoegns is the master plan, that is fine, just keep it to yourself. If you really want to know just how bad or good your heart and lungs are, this is going to set all records straight, IF YOU ARE HONEST AND DONT COOK THE NUMBERS.

So my fellow men, man, here is the task at hand for all of you who truly want to improve, this will be the STARTING POINT.

This test of endurance assumes SUB-MAXIMAL EFFORT. Warm up with a 2- 3 minutes jog. Select a comfortable, moderate jogging pace. Measure post- exercise heart rate immediately after using a 15 second pulse or a heart rate monitor. The ONE mile jog should take you, the average man, at least 8 minutes. This is for AVERAGE, males, and the post-exercise heart rate should NOT exceed 180 BPM(beats per minute).

So you are done with the warm up, now it is time to see just what your cardio respiratory endurance fitness level really is. One you marks, get set, go!!.
( Start with this number) 100.5
You are finished now, you just ran one mile at your best!, and now you have a time, WHAT WAS IT?. | |
| |
First you write on a piece of paper: WEIGHT=________LBS. Put a number a here, your weights, NOT kilos, POUNDS.-------------x .07= | - |
Gender=_________. Put a number 1(ONE) here.----------------------------------------------x8.34=| + |
TIME=______(minute's) + ( seconds) DIVIDE the TIME by 60=____________(decimal form) x1.44| - |
HEART RATE(HR) 15 second heart rate_______x4=___________(BPM)(Beats per minute) x.19= | - |

NOW, you have a real effing number if you didn't lie to yourself. this is your MAX VO2. Write the number down after you have done all the correct math, HONESTLY.

Now is the fun part...What are you?. Are you poor, fair, good, average, excellent, or SUPERIOR. Lets find out, follow me.

AGE 18-29 POOR is 38.1-42.1 FAIR is 42.2-45.6 GOOD is 45.7-51.0 EXCELLENT is 51.1-56.1 and SUPERIOR is 56.1 and ABOVE.
AGE 30-39 36.7-40.9 41.0-44.3 44.4-48.8 48.9-54.2 54.1
AGE 40-49
AGE 50-59
AGE 60-69

I WONT do the ages above 39 because it will not matter as you are too old to join or Merely. the numbers don't lie, unless you do. This is the absolute best way to find out what work you need to do on your running, run test. I have many many cross country programs and tempo runs and repeats for ANY who wants to improve, just PM me. Whatever the number is, you know, so take it to heart. If you lie, or cheat on this, don't even begin to convince yourself of anything until you have truly done the test proper and did the numbers correct and true.

For those of you who don't know, which is none, because I have not shared, I run Cross country(without scholarship, BY CHOICE) for the College. I do not now, for summer or fall, because I have a flight to catch between now and ...Gentlemen, this is it, do what you like with it. I made it public and here it is. I wish you all the best luck and if anyone is in the good to excellent category, you will have no problem with the LUC LEGER. If you are higher than this, you know you are good. If you are on the cusp of good, keep working!!, remember, I can create programs for you, I am a trainer, certified, recognized and accredited. If you are in fair and below, you know what to do. PM me with realistic messages or I wont reply.

The VO2 is the volume of oxygen you can suck in other words.
Can you write it to be more understandable?
For example:
warm up 2-3 minutes at comfortable pace, measure your heart rate, take break 30 seconds, run as fast as you can for 1mile measure your heart rate and calculate...

"( Start with this number) 100.5" => Start what?

| - |
| + | what for is this?


It is in the most basic, believe or not.You must follow instructions, add the numbers correct. I will edit it slightly, okay. I am going to post this in a few, let me eat first, please.



WEIGHT(yours) x.07=? then subtract that number from 100.5

Gender(male) write a number 1 and multiple that by x8.34 THEN add THIS number to the number you got from your weight x.07 that has been subtracted from 100.5 NOW take you mile run time in minutes, write that down, then take the SECONDS and DIVIDE by 60. The number you get from this you MULTIPLY x 1.44. NOW, take THIS number and subtract it from the NUYMBER you got from the GENGER 1 multiplied by 8.34.

Tak this number you have and subtract from your 15 second heart rate that has been multipled x 4. That will equal a number, take this new number and x it by.19 Take that final number and subtract from the TIME number you got, this is your VO2


Stretch, warm up for as long as you like. rest for a minimal time, then do the run on a track, RUN AS FAST AS YOU WANT OR SLOW. Doesn't matter, just do your best and get that number!
I am confused, why am I multiplying 1 by 8.34... That is just going to be 8.34. I have to be reading something wrong that math makes no sense.


Ok, clearly theres an issue, What I am going to do is take a screen shot from my phone, I will write it out, MINE and you can see exactly what I mean.


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i think you confused people with order of writing so to recap
First run 1 mile casual joging around 8min time
Second run 1 mile best you can
then use Second time score for calculating formula

_________________ x 0.7 = ____________
(your weight in LBS)...........(result weight)

100.5 - _______________ = _________________
.............(result weight)........(result weight final)

1 x 8.34 = 8.34 (no point calculating but o.k.)

_________________ + 8.34 = _________
(result weight final)...............(result 2)

Convert ONE MILE RUN TIME in seconds

______________________ / 60 = ____________
(one mile time in seconds)...........(decimal form)

____________ x 1.44 = _________
(decimal form)..............(result 3)

___________ - ___________ = ____________
(result 2)..........(result 3).........(result 4)

______________ - ___________ = ___________
(heart rate BPM).....(result 4)..........(result 5)

__________ x 0.19 = ___________
(result 5).................(result 6)

_______________ - ____________ = ________
(time in seconds)......(result 6)...........VO2

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