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There was a Chef from 2REP, in 4th section or 3rd?. Cant remember in my Compagnie, 2nd. He is the Italian the world has all seen. With the CUT HERE tattoo on his neck and stuff, took a liking to me just because I am the most tattooed(Or nearly) man in the legion.

Anyway, his section had deserters left and right, but he played by the "Old" legion ways and all the FUT FUT Cadre ended up in deep shit and jail, some kicked out and the chef, sent back to 2REP..
He's an adjudant now. Good guy, very chill actually, I did an exercise with him.



Badass, yea, never had any problems with him ever, he was cool in my book. I ran the Castel Marathon with him, too. I think the quality of the guys were weak, that was the issue. Meh, its us in and they who are not.

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He's an adjudant now. Good guy, very chill actually, I did an exercise with him.
Enjolras, can you remind me which regiment you are in ? Also there is a thread called 'military courses' which I started because of some persuasion. It'd be great to hear of your experience of a regimental course you did. No pressure, just asking.


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it was more of a shrug, as a kind of joke comment to 666's comment, as everyone knows 2REP does a lot of ramassage.

The promo in 2REP is an experience for sure. It depends on your sgt and caporal, but it can be very chilled or very difficult. For me we only had a few days before we jumped so we crammed in the instruction for parachuting and integrating into 2REP im about 4 days. It was pretty rough, but then Castel is a lot easier now in comparison to before so it makes sense. Jumping out of planes gives you so much adrenaline it's not funny, i don't think it matters if you're scared of heights or not, you'll be beating your heart fast the first time you get in the plane.

I can answer more questions, the FTS is similar in terms of toughness but once you get to section it's usually a lot harder. A lot of people in 2REP encourage deserting.
Was a Swede from Rep that finished major de promo..C.M.E. F1 was in 86 or 87,not sûre = blâme Alzhimmer
Stocky lad with previous,but nippy
Also,who remembers sous off Ek,a Norwegian ?
I believe that the Norwegian guy has been in the legion for 22-23 years or something if we are talking about the same guy. Thats a loong service time..
Then there's another Norwegian :)
The guy I was talking about was a young man with less than 5 years in the Legion. Whether or not he's still there I don't know.


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Through social media, I know of a Swedish guy in the REP, a Danish guy in the REP and a Norwegian in 2REG I think.
There are only 3 Swedes in 2e REP apparently, one is a high ranking sous-off' (NCO), one is in my company and one has just finished FTS I think, so he's very new to the regiment. I think I know who you're talking about.
But basically, no, not a lot of Scandinavians. The ones that come are looking for adventure or something completely different.
"Again though, not much of a different comparison to how I hear my own statesmen describe some of their deployments."

Killer, it has to be said that a lot of your own statesmen are disappointed in what they found in the legion. It also has to be said that a lot of them have not served in any military before. It's only human nature to expect things to be like they are portrayed on You Tube and the history channel.

Except, as I've said in the past, these documentaries condense 4 months basic training into one hour. Not much of that hour is spent on people weeding the garden around the parade square or cleaning toilets.

I was in the Brit army before I joined. There was the same "hurry up and wait". the "order countering the the last counter order" The "idiot in charge". The saying was to be like mushrooms: "kept in the dark and fed on shit".

It doesn't change from one army to another.
I've interacted with probably a dozen different Armed Forces just in NATO alone. They are all pretty much the same.

The only Force I've ever really been completely enamoured with is the US Marine Corps, who I consider to be a truly elite conventional force. Oh and I think Brit soldiers are very good mostly because you master the basics from what I've seen.

Outside the Americans, almost every military is severely lacking in money, equipment and resources. Conventional units in Canada are a grind without an actual war to fight. Troops spend a lot of time sweeping the floor and Officers spend a lot of time cranking out routine administration.


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Why I feel some warmongering among many younger forum members? Do guys you think war is such a lot of fun? I really don't know, but I'm pretty sure that's stop to be fun when guys next to you start dying.
Why I feel some warmongering among many younger forum members? Do guys you think war is such a lot of fun? I really don't know, but I'm pretty sure that's stop to be fun when guys next to you start dying.
Like you said, Dusa: younger forum members. Guys that ain't fought before. There's a quote by some old Roman – Dulce Bellum Inexpertis – which roughly means “War is sweet to the inexperienced.â€￾ Billy Sherman meant much the same when he told a group of cadets that “War is hellâ€￾. Both of them had a point.

However, Erasmus and Sherman aren't telling the whole truth: yes, war is mostly a shitty experience, but it isn't all bad. There are fun times, too. Now, normally, Haji has his shit together (after all, he generally only fights on ground and at a time of his own choosing). However, every so often he'd utterly cock things up in spectacular, glorious fashion, and we'd make him pay for it.

For instance, one would-be sniper in Mosul in early 2008. We were a Route Clearance Patrol, riding around looking for IED's in the Domeez neighborhood in SE Mosul. There was one street in particular that nearly always had IED's on it, and you could count on taking small arms fire and/or RPG's along the route. It was this weird deal with a huge median between the lanes, kind of like Canal Street in New Orleans. Nasty bombed-out place, named Route Broadway.

So we get maybe 300 meters down Broadway, and surprise, there's a possible IED in the median. Naturally, we stop and check it out, and as per usual, Hajji starts taking pot-shots at us. Ordinarily, it took us a bit to figure out where the SAF was coming from; often, Haj would spray one burst and then haul ass, and we'd never find him. Not this time, though. Down the street, maybe 200 meters from our lead vehicle, was a little single story, flat roofed, kebab stand, with this tiny tree in front of it. We're taking fire, gunners on the vehicles are scanning their sectors for the asshole shooting at us... and then, the wind picks up.

The tiny tree in front of the kebab stand blows to the side, and there's hajji, FNG-type, standing now-completely exposed on the roof of said kebab stand, still hammering merrily away on semi-auto with his AK, wearing his little track-suit and blissfully unaware of his imminent doom. After months of taking fire from an unseen foe, here, at last, is he, in all his retarded glory.

We lit his monkey ass UP.

That was a fun time.
(...) As my gestapo officer said, THE SMART ONES ALWAYS LEAVE. (...)
So... Unless you've recently deserted, the conclusion is you're not among the “smart onesâ€￾... That makes sense. Maybe your “‘Gestapo’ officerâ€￾ was right, after all... :D

Hi enjolras to give credibility to your posts, would you be kind enough to send the prove previously asked for?
He had already provided me with such evidence, as I told you in PM some time ago. I vouch for Enjolras. But there's another alleged Repman for whom we're still waiting... The guy who claimed he wasn't looking for the ‘green status’, can't remember the name.

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