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Does the Legion take woman? If i bring my wife do they have programs set up like the American army that will keep my wife close to me?
What if i go to sign up in France but have no passport or visa to get in the country but still have my own country ID ? Is ther a way i can get in the country ?
It's a no-no. When you enlist, you're considered single, regardless of your actual marital status. No way that the Legion will arrange for your wife to be close to you.
It's only after reaching at least the rank of caporal-chef that you can ask the permission to get married and live outside of the camp.
When you are allowed to live off base seems to be an individual thing.
I met in Aubagne a Caporal that had a wife in Marseille and he was allowed to live off base 3 days a week (Friday, Sat, Sun). He had also served 3 years.
One thing to remember though is that the cost of living in France is high and the Legion will not pay you enough to support a wife. So unless your wife can speak French and be able to work in France it won't be possible to support her.
As someone has pointed out, questions like these which are asked repeatedly can be put in a FAQ 'sticky' post, maintained by a moderator. ;)



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have you thought of this at length ? how does you wife feel about the prospect of not hearing from you for 5 months, and then having you be out training all the time, lots of deployments....etc

from what i know i think it is at least 3 years before you can live off base, maybe 3, and you have to be a cpl at least. is your wife willing to wait this long ? not much of a family life.

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