Sexualities in the French Foreign Legion


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I don't , I was .... surprised when I read that chapter. Is there some truth in it? Probably. There was some gay legionnaires and there is some now as well, but looks to me that this text is guided with widely accepted misconception that if you put bunch of young guys together with no many women around, soon or later they will start screwing each other.

C'mon, how that can make you a gay? You are homosexualy or you ain't. Lack of pussy would not make you one. If that is a case, here in my village we should all shagging each other by now! Still we don't do that! We are decent men, we have sheeps ! :)

To be honest there is no many sheeps around these days. :)
You do anything sexual with a man and you are gay , simple really , okay maybe bi , but certainly not heterosexual .

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