prescription glasses with ballistic clip on

hey guys,

i read the old thread about this where the guy said to get ballistic clip on for your own glasses if you want to perform well in the shooting range (which impacts the final score greatly during training) but both the links in that thread to an example of this are expired. (and then they went on to argue about getting shot in the head with a 50 cal haha)

Is this literally just what it sounds like? get ur regular glasses, and then from any military-ish store get those so called ballistic clip ons? when i google i mostly just get safety glasses result like the giant skii'ing glasses or welding glasses or for the clip ons some tiny square things that go under your glasses which look useless.

I read that the ones you get in the legion are all scratched and messed up and u can kiss goodbye to getting a decent score.

do you need any special glasses for this or will any regular glasses work? anyone have any pictures or examples of what this is exactly and which ones are recommended?
i got near perfect vision so i wont but was just curious about this as i only found 1 thread mentioning it and its from 2006 with all links expired so was hoping someone with experience in the legion and having glasses could provide some info :)

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