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I have Plantar Fascia for over 5 months. However I'm thinking of going to the Legion. What are my chances with the plantar Fascia? Please let me know.
Joining with a chronic condition that will only get worse the more you use it sounds like a great idea especially with all the running and rucking you will do in the Legion. That's a fast ticket to being declared medically inapt and kicked out of the Legion or at least spending your time sitting behind a desk.


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Late in my Canadian military career I was diagnosed with pf, anything less than high tech insoles was brutally painful. It wiped out playing hockey and soccer. While none of us on the forum claim to be Legion doctors, Nick is offering sage advice. Sorry we can't give you a more optimistic answer but good luck in which ever path you choose.
Thanks a lot guys. Its just that i always wanted to join the ffl. And then this comes up! What a shame.

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I remember reading something about it, if I'm not wrong it's easily treatable and only on some serious cases you need surgery. Anyway, go to a doctor, this isn't that big of a issue.

Dont want to give you any hopes, just saying that what you have( if it really is plantar fascia) isn't' that much of a big deal.
I've had it. Took about a year to fully heal. No clue why it came on... Maybe too much exercise too fast after a layoff. Treatment is resting the foot which kills walking or running or standing a lot... Maybe also anti-inflammatory drugs and I was soaking my feet in a hot epsom salt bath daily which helped a lot.
Then when the pain died down I came back really slow. Alternating walking or running with stuff like biking or swimming that won't aggravate it.
Thanks a lot guys, i really appreciated it. I just want to join so bad always wanted to. I'll do anything to heal my PF.
Again thanks to all.
Thanks a lot guys, i really appreciated it. I just want to join so bad always wanted to. I'll do anything to heal my PF.
Again thanks to all.
It can certainly heal fully but it needs rest and it can take a long time. I had a hard time resting and kept pushing and it got so bad I couldn't even walk without pain. Don't do like I did.

Once I went to the doctor (try orthopedic or a podiatrist for best results) and followed his advice, including his advice to soak my feet in hot water baths and to stop running or walking or standing as much as possible, ONLY then did it start to heal up and even then took a few months.

But when it feels better you want to start pushing hard again but then you gotta be careful and go slow. I did stuff on my feet only once every couple days, taking the days inbetween for stuff like biking or swimming or just calisthenics or weight training. Stay in shape but find other ways to keep moving than staying on your feet.

Good luck.
Ok mate, thanks a lot for your advice will definitely try soaking my feet and ill go to a doctor this week. Need to get it sorted as its a living hell like that. Thanks a lot appreciated it.


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There are also some socks that you can wear at night. They have straps on the toes that go up to the knees that keep tension on your toes through out the night. It eases the pain first thing in the morning so it doesn't feel like you're tearing your muscle in half with the first weighted steps. I'm not sure what the official name of them is but I always called them 'birth control socks', put them on and there is zero risk of getting lucky.

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