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SASA, THAT HEAD TATTOO is badass. It looks like it is only 2 days old. The redness has gone down. Very cool. LOL, and everyone says sometihng about Legion and tattooes, but perhaps he is out, now?. DON PEDRO...How many Languages do you speak man?.
Yea its pretty awesome, I have a feeling some of thos comments on the pic arent very positive for some reason.
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Love this man, love it! Same man. Hate too burst bubbles, but minus the flower of France on his FACE, the rest, ARMS AND HANDS are PRISON work and the style is called blood shading or whip shade. It is common and easy to make in prison, and the amount of work he has tells he did some time. At least 5 years with that much work on him. I do not care who argues or tries to contest this. You cannot simply get inked up like that. The average tattoo of a decent size requires up to 30 full days to completely heal. Factor in his amount of work and you can see for yourself. NOT anyone of you can tell me otherwise, and I am firm on this. I cannot fathom at ALL the man getting inked up every MONTH in the Legion. NOPE, NAY, NEVER. That would translate to getting tattooed at LEAST 12 times or MORE a year and that is a conservative number. It takes one to know one. I have even more then him and I can tell you first hand, the amount he has took me 4 straight years about every 3 weeks getting blasted (tattooed). He and I have something in common and it is more then just tattooes... whoever he is I am glad he made it in and got a chance to start over. I hope to get the same chance as this man.
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Don I was looking at some pics and noticed that a sappers Kepi differs from the normal Kepi Blanc, the strap on the sappers Kepi was golden yellowish while the others was a black one. Does the difference have any meaning behind it? Or is it just to differ the sappers from the rest?
I thought it has something to do with the years of service, the colour of strap?
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French Foreign Legion kepi:
1. Standard white kepi with black strap
2. Senior Corporal white kepi with gold strap
3. Senior Corporal with more than 15 years of service or non-commissioned officer black kepi
4. Cavalry Senior Corporal white kepi with silver strap

(source: foreignlegioninfo ;
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Ah ok thats makes more sense now. Hvala Perune.
Silver for 10, gold for 15 years of service? (just a thought)
Greens? help!

aha... cheers Saša!
The answer has already been posted on this thread.

The chin strap is black on a white képi for all Cpls and below (regardless of years of service)
For CCH with less than 15 years service, white képi with gold braided chin strap.
For CCH with more than 15 years service black SNCO képi with gold braided chin strap.
The gold braid is silver braid in the 1°REC.
There is nothing different for the "sappers".
SNCOs always black képi (according to rank) and gold (silver for the REC) braided chin strap. Bearded personnel wear no chin strap.

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Kind of still in the Topic, the Épaulettes de Tradition, some sources says they are the colours from the Swiss guards, under the Napoleon era, now i were taught that the Green Épaulette were worn by the Grenadiers and the Red one by the Voltiguers, both combined, with the modernisation of the French Army after Napoleon, became knows as Grenadier-Voltigeur (G.V) Which is worn by Legionnaires up to the rank of Corporal, from Senior-Corporal to the rank of Staff-Sergeant, they includes golden threads the NCO:s up to the rank of C.S.M/R.S.M wears none, but the normal epaulette, with their rank and same goes for the Officers. ( In the Cavalry, it's silver.)


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Ok, my Icelandic is a bit limited, so this will have to do; Op nera nasu kvad karl, fek pila in augu.

And for the few who don't understand basic Icelandic: That was too close to the nose, said the man, when he was hit by the arrow in the eye (Feeble Icelandic joke, making fun of misfortunes).


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Perun, who are these two suspicious looking characters?
Both pensioned, both Croatians. I took the picture from a magazine called Military history (Vojna povijest). In this month issue they published a biography of the Ancien on the left. His honourable name is Ivan Roso retired as Président des sous-officiers de la Légion étrangère earlier this year after 37 years of service. The one on the right is Bruno Zorica, an Ancien and a retired officer of Croatian army. The picture was taken in Beirut, Ivan just arrived and Bruno was about to had back to France.
What is interesting in the article, is that his class was the first that had basic training in Castel.

On this photo Ivan got his new identity, he was Igor Rakovic from Belgrade (and they say LE has no sense of humor)
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link for those that are interested:


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Perun, I was just joking, as usual. I see his matricule was 158k, mine was 118k, makes me feel real Ancien somehow. A bit like the last of the Mohicans, sob...


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Well, I'll be careful not to bite every hook offered in the future....
Oh come on, now I feel sorry for you, you wouldn't want that I know.
Hit us with one or two photo from your Algerian bag, I know you have a few up your sleve...

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