Photosets of FFL

great pics. im heading over to join in november. i have two mates that did the five year term one stayed on for extra 3 years. he is now workin in the congo and earning great money. the other guy is here back in town. they served back in the nineties. both did bosnia. im hopin to get in at 37. unemployed 2 years and seriously pissed off. no work in ireland and its getting worse. if you have any advice i would appreciate it.
I absolutely love the photos you guys have posted and much respect to all of you who are serving and those who served. I myself will fly to France on 1st of Sept to join. Hopefully i can experience the journey you guys did.

  1. Les Grognards- Anciens at home. Damn fine craftsmen;).
  2. Legionnaires demineurs-Sappers of 2*REG in training.
  3. Bataillion Licorne-1*REG, Ivory coast.
  4. Royal Etranger d'Orange-Great mixed set.
  5. Afghanistan-Gallery 1, Gallery2.
  6. Another great mixed set.
  7. Wardogs-Mans best friend can also be his worst enemy.
I have seen some great photos posted in this thread. In regards to the original post, however, it seems like all except for the Afghanistan sets are down.

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