Overseas Recruitment and 30% Increase in Recruits in the Legion

What the Major says (in a nutshell)...
  1. Even if the Polynesians who join the Legion will be separated from their family by thousands of km, it's also the case for most of the legionnaires, so they won't feel like being an exception (he states that nowadays 93% of recruits are foreigners). The Legion will be for them like a new family.
  2. The Legion is a combat organisation. They are looking for recruits in good health, and physically able to endure the hardship and toughness of the training and life in operations.
  3. The Legion has no pre-requisite in terms of academic background. The candidate must only be able to read and write his own language (French for those coming from French Polynesia).
  4. Since they've opened the recruiting post in Tahiti (on Jan 15, so about 2+ weeks ago) they've received 30 candidates. 10 are still in the pre-selection process and he's expecting the ‘green light’ to sent five to France (in French overseas territories called la métropole) for selection.
An unemployed Polynesian, in good health, able to read, write and count to 10... Just cannot afford the price of a return ticket, via Air France. As far the francophone bit, they show loads more tolerance and acceptance than the average Frenchie. I kid you not.
Tahiti is in the middle of nowhere and they speak French = it's half the battle ! La Légion cannot set up a dispositif like this in a foreign country and it needs needs French speakers, the vid said so.
Tahiti is in the middle of nowhere (...)
Wrong... Tahiti is in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.:giggle:

That goes for many, if not all, countries.
True, but...
(...) La Légion cannot set up a dispositif like this in a foreign country (...)
For the rest, I think the Legion has considered they were not ‘exploiting’ a potential resource to its maximum. Actually, a number of Polynesians, as I said before, join the Troupes de Marine, because they have a unit there (the RIMaP-P standing for Régiment d'Infanterie de Marine du Pacifique - Polynésie). Opening this recruiting center in Tahiti means that the candidates interested in the Legion can pass pre-selection there, without having to spend a costly plane ticket to the métropole, with the risk of being rejected after one or two days... And if they pass, they are dispatched for free to Aubagne for selection (like candidates who joined at the Fort de Nogent and passed pre-selection). The only difference is that in the latter case, it's an 700 km trip by train, in the former a 20.000 km by plane... :D

In the video below that was already posted a while ago in another thread, one can see Polynesian soldiers, singing and playing guitars in a kind of a ‘jam session’ during the Bazeilles commemoration in Fréjus (south of France). Bazeilles, is sort of Camerone for the Troupes de Marine. At 2:39 that start singing Tamarii Volontaires, the song of RIMaP-P to celebrate the Polynesian soldiers who fought with the Free French forces in WW2.

How so ? Camera on my fud phone dosen't work (nor the micro and have yellow steaks in the screening, dead pxls, probally)
I have a ton of pics here and another at my sister's in SCOTLAND the Brave
I once scanned 50 pics, @a cyber café and transferd on to a USB thingy = 50 euros
Also, a buddy of mine, ex 2 REI, was a PM and a very good freind of the Major, now Officer Houssin. Sent me an excellent vidéo, taken by smart phone, (isnt on You Tube). Of the Musique Principal with a piper , playing Amazing grâce, solo. .and the band joins in half way thru. Chef de la musique conducts. Distinct sound of the trombones and that that big bloody loud Horn thing worn over the shoulder. At the end, the Chef de la musique, does a demi tour droit and saluts the public and another to put the band at repos. It's raining too..a must see
I shared the vid with some, i still have messanger but closed my Facebook account. Am un able to share it other wise .regrettable as ît is a must see


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