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One step closer....(ish)


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Jun 9, 2010
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United Kingdom
It was the sgt who joined up on here a while back and who we have no news since... rememeber ?
Who told us so
As I said - I did go back a few years ago (perhaps 5 or 6). It could well have been a cinema, but I defo remember a library (I think). Seemed weird though.

The avenue leading up the gates and the road leading up to the sports field were familiar - then bang - nothing.

Also went into town and had coffee in the bar we used to have fisticuffs with the rugby club lads. Not a lot had changed.

That reminds me Joe - what happened to the Suffren on the port? We used to call it the Suffering. Regular weekend havoc in there in my days to the point where the owner got rid of all his posh tables and chairs and replaced the lot with bamboo. He told us he didn't give f@ck what we did and just sent the bill to 1ere every Monday to replace stuff.

Joseph Cosgrove

Jul 13, 2013
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Hua Hin Thailand
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New Zealand
I couldn't tell you mate, I've been living 'abroad' for several years now. There was one really shady bar; slightly in from the port on the left of the Canebière (looking with your back to the port), called Helmut's. That's where we used to hang out while in the CAPLE waiting to go on CFC or to go overseas. He was a ... German, but not an ancien. In the end he sold it to a local, which in Marseille can be anything from North Africa to West Africa.