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It could be easily our Chas. :), but in that case young gang would be hospitalized. This guy is even older.

I'm guessing what nationality was that group of young guys? attacking helpless women in groups... hmm what they could be? Oh silly me. Asking that racist questions. Of course it would be totally racism from police and from journalist if they would announce that young men or from ... I'm wildly guessing... some Mid Eastern country maybe?
But not ! Of course that have nothing to do with their culture, country of origin or faith. Young men from all communities doing a similar crimes more or less equally.

Or do they? I guess we can't know that for sure because police in most West European countries won't publish statistic! :mad:

There is only a certain amount of things you can sweep under the carpet before they burst and and fill the room.
"Only sons of whores murder and plunder, the auld and the meek" (1 of my favorite saying s )
Low life scum, who will be nothing more other than,that
How difficult it is trying to keep up with the, Kardashian's
Far too much leisure and not enougth gulags

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