OK, Stand to! Lets get up and running!

OK some toe rag son of a paddy pickin peasant has had his fun and trashed our board. This was THE place for advice on joining and enjoying the Legion. Lets get up here and post post post so that those of you that are on your way can profit from what fat ole ex legionnaires like me can tell you (I aint fat so dont ever throw it in a fight, I will outrun and out punch you, your brother and your brothers horse...) Only jestin folks.

Come on lets post.
Wannabes Questions
Les Ancien Advice and tips.

This is our board, lets put it back up
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Yes, I'd also find a sweet 'n sour carnivorous stir-fry of a little gook prick very appealing.... :D

For a start any legio wannabe look at voltigeur 1 link. http://www.foreignlegionlife.com. Very useful start.

The rest will be finetuned by the ancien (b)rat/g pack over time and successive posts to clarify your doubts, fears, hesitations, frustrations, expectations about life in general and the Foreign Legion... :)
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Eagle eye said:
For a start any legio wannabe look at voltigeur 1 link. Very useful start.
http://www.foreignlegionlife.com for a start. :)
I read E.M.'s book twice; pretty damn good. Are there any more recent accounts of legion life? Does the Legion still do laundary by hand? Do they still pay in cash?

I'll probally never end up in the Legion (if I join a military it will be USA), but I respect it because its the last place on earth that doesn't give a damn about being politically correct, rather it has its own traditions and its gonna do its job the way it knows how to do it (blessing and a curse).
Yes, you'll do it by hand if you have left it too late for guard duty the following day. You'll iron all night to get it dry during winter time and to get the creases correct.

I used to leave dobbie at the local washeteria in town on weekends when in barracks to make sure it was done correctly and on time. There is also a regimental laundry (buanderie) but timely collection is never guaranteed.

Pay is cash by the OC and is placed in your CNE (caisse nationale d'épargne) savings account on the spot if you so wish for a rainy day.
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I do not smoke but i do dip.(Copenhagen.)
Is this obtainable, at training? Dec. Weather? Training in the winter, does Christmas still obtained? I have already talked to the, Recruit side of the legion.(for the basis)- I have just a few remaining, questions.
Temper-meant toward American's? The info that i have found seems to be difrent per site.
The basis of these questions, are asked for my own purposes. In know way does this consent to any thing that may,used, or will be hindered. retained only by per.

Thanks in advanced for your time and the replys,

I do not smoke but i do dip.(
Clear up this question and text so that we can understand what you're wanting. :)
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yatez 44

Actual or Ex Legionnaire
Depends on the American Dan,, You must be able to take alot of shit.(just like everyone else) Be able to adapt, fast.Take a dig get right back to attention..And allways try to be up in the top half of your section (combat course,running ,raid marches)..And mix it up a bit,you got to get along...

yatez 44

Actual or Ex Legionnaire
I never sean no Dip over there, i don,t believe you will have time to worry about Dipping Tobaco.They would most likely make you eat it,if they seen you had something in your gums...Wait till you been in awhile before you get into that habit again...
Thanks for the replies. Obviously i am unable to type as fast as i think.

Eagle Eye it's tobacco that is eaten. By placing it in your gum. Brown small circular can. With a silver lid. Overseas i have also seen them with a black lid. Has tobacco in very small peices in it.

Thanks for the heads up.

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i can just imagine, instead of picking up ciggie buts, E.V.s' crawling around on all fours with a rag cleaning the spit off the ground, polishing spitoons, just what the legion needs, another way to make recruits suffer !

It may be possible to retrieve some of the posts from Google's cache. For example, I searched for beausheep site:cervens.net on Google. The site:cervens.net part restricts the search to cervens. Beausheep is an active user, with a number of useful posts :) so the search results give a wide selection.

Now the important bit: Next to the search result, click on the link that says Cached and that will give you an archived view of the page.

It's a bit hit and miss, and I have no idea how long Google's cache lasts for, but perhaps someone with a lot of spare time would care to copy all the useful posts over?! :p


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