'nother murica wannabe

Hello, I'm another wannabe from the US, in other words "dude whose gonna cry home to momma soon, circa July 2018". I'm currently exercising, picking up a bit of French, planning some very long hikes, and sharpening my marksmanship (I hear it's important). I am also, a high priority, cleaning toilets and everything else! (I hear this, in fact, is of utmost importance)

My questions have mostly been answered by this forum and other sources already, for which I am very grateful, and would just like to extend that gratitude in that regard. It is an awesome place with a lot of helpful people! If I have any more questions, I'll post them here, but at the moment I can't think of anything that isn't answered, so this is just a thanks/gratitude bit alongside my introduction.

Joseph Cosgrove

Hello KesterKestrel, welcome to the forum. Don't worry too much about your marksmanship, you'll have time for that. I like the bit of picking up French. As for cleaning toilets, you did not mention if you had served in the US armed forces but you will know that it's a part of every modern army.

As for you mother, she already contacted me and said she doesn't want you back for the time being. (actually I just made that up to make myself look interesting.)
So we can assume that you're working out hard, picking up French, going on long hikes (perhaps accompanied to the French verbs in your MP3?) or even better some catchy French hit songs that you have had translated into English? Yea that's a good one. Get them on the Karaoke you tube and translated, sac à dos au dos, and carry on.
Nice one!

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