Not sure if this is the place for farewells

gatorojo ✞

Missed friend...
But here's mine in thanks for the fellowship, camaraderie and Brotherhood you've shared with me over these short years.

But I'm about to have to CSMO (Change Station! March Order!)

On my visit with my Oncologist Wed, I learned that the disease is everywhere but the farthest corner of my small left-toenail somewhere.

And that my liver had shut down. I can't get an ETA for final breakdown of the net, but extensive research on my part of 3-6 weeks of continued exchanges of gasses with the atmosphere, my Onco's is 2-4 months.

I've already passed several major milestones on this path and have experience as a deathbed caregiver, so I'm not just shooting in the dark here. I'd be surprised if it runs 4 weeks.

I have actually lost the ability to eat, and have not eaten since starting my pre-PET-scan fast on the 16th. That gives me an unfair advantage over my doc in our bet.

I'm happy, mentally at ease (but with liver failure comes confusion and befuddlement - an entirely normal state for me as you know.)

I was whisked directly from the Doc's office to NWF Hospital, where I was discharged directly back home to (in-home) Hospice care. No damn hospital is going to claim this scalp.

I severely regret not having the time, energy and mental acuity to write every one of you wonderful batiges for being my brother, that has truly been one of the things that cannot be replaced with any substitute.

I love you brothers, every blessed/cussed one of you, thank you for it all.

Once, years ago in Pleiku, just as a man was about to put two .32 rounds into my gut and I was beyond petrified with terror; an incredible sense of satori hit me like a tidal wave, washing me in an incredible sense of peace that I have neither experienced again nor lost.

A voice filled my head with the Knowledge a that a dead man has naught to fear.

I have been ready to go ever since that moment, and nothing has changed. I've had a helluva ride, lived a life with no limits but self-imposed ones, and am eager to see what lies beyond.

Fare well friends and fellow warriors, Fair skies and flollowing winds to my brothers!

Feet and knees in the breeze, brothers,



I'm about of words here, so I think I'll just break this station down and catch a nap.




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Like I said in my PM, save me a seat brother, the first round is on me, in this plain or on the next.

God bless and it's never good bye but Auf wiedersehen.



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I don't even know the right words to say. You are one of the few men, on here or anwywhere else, whose advice and insight and experiences I know I can trust and would never lead astray. I don't know anymore in this world if prayers are listened to, but for absolute surity they are deserved and will be sent. Thank you for being a hero who can always be trusted, and that still voice I hope you will also trust... you have nothing to fear. Thank you for all you've done and I will make sure you're never forgotten here, you already know you'll always be remembered among selfless American heroes.



I copied that and saved it so you know. You gave me a little hell for all the better, thank you sir! You rest well in Valhalla and I will do my very best to get into the Legion and serve with honor and in honor of you, for even taking the time to screw my head on a few times. You just rest now old boy and let the winds of time sweep you away. Carry on...


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Bart, thank you for the kind words you have given me on this forum. I'm not going to lie, reading your post I got tears in my eyes. I'll keep this short and sweet, hopefully it's an easy ride up there. Will be thinking of you while at Aubagne.

Ossie O

Mate, thank you for all your valuable friendship and cooperation. It is very difficult to bid goodbye to a friend, but we will meet again soon sometime, somewhere.


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Thank you for everything, it is always a pleasure to be in your company and to learn and listen from your rich experience. Have a safe journey.
Vaya con Dios.


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Oh Bart! My prayers go with you. You were the first to send me a PM on this forum asking if I was a PARA. I respect you for all the things I've read here from you and about you. Easy trip mate, we'll meet in due time again.

« Old soldiers never die, they just fade away »... If you come across some people who know me over there, once you've crossed the ‘gate’, tell them they're still in my thoughts.

Parachutiste, vois le ciel est clair,
Serre les dents, il est temps de sauter.

(an old French paras song)


Crusty Caporal
What can I say? Thank you for all that you have done. I consider it an honor to have known you, albeit only through this site. Rest easy, camarade, you have earned your peace.

Martin Scott

Mate, thank you for all your valuable friendship and cooperation. It is very difficult to bid goodbye to a friend, but we will meet again soon sometime, somewhere.
Bro you beat me to it. Gator will raise more than a few glasses mon brave.


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It's been both an honor and a privilege to have ‘known’ you. I was shocked at first when I read about your illness, because you always kept your (and our) spirit up. Now I'm gutted to read about your ‘departure’. A true warrior none the less and you definitely will be missed around here.

Auf wiedersehen, good friend!!
I'm very sorry to hear of the advanced state of your illness. But happy to hear that you are at peace. I think there is something to be said for knowing the time of your departure from this world and having the time to put things in order and come to a peaceful understanding of the situation. May your journey be peaceful and easy. All the best, thanks for being a part of this community and being a true gentleman. Life is too short. Goodbye and God bless.

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