New Legion ?


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I read something in the board before it was crached, that the ways of the Legion have changed. Can somebody tell me what have changed ?? I read something about looking more like the regulary French army (sight), but I missed out the part. Also is the demands still 3000 meters in 12 minutes or have that changed as well ??

yatez 44

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Tradition in the Legion will never change. I've seen that when i went to my old regiment in Nimes after 14 years.The equipment is awhole lot better then we had in the 80s, when we still had gear from the Algerian conflict... It's getting high tech, but the old school Legion way of training is still in practice. Because there is alot of non-francophones i am sure the Baffes and "marche canard" are still a major tool in teaching the ranks right from wrong francophone and non-francophone alike...
I agree, the Legion will not allow its ways to be changed. It has trained its troops for years with a tough and direct approach which most regular French units lack. I cannot see the traditions of the Legion dying anytime soon.

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