My motivations for Legion

So im just a regular 20 year old wanna be who lives in turkey. I have little to no family. I hate the way things going in my country since i can remember. Since my early teenage years i disliked islamic way of life. So i call myself an agnostic for a quite a while. I hate erdogans view of politics, how he trash talks about other countries and praises islam and actually tries to get rid of our secular system. I feel like i have no place in here. Although i like turkish army a lot. I dont want to join because turkish army is not like what it used to be. From the early days of its creation they carried coups to protect the secular identity of the country. But thats not the case anymore.

I known the Legion for about 2 years now i think and i want to be a part of it for around a year now. Training wise my journey is incredible. I started doing only 3-4 clean pull ups to around 20-22 now and running 1.6 km to over 3km in 12 minutes. Only swimming and language courses are left on my path now. Once im done with these ill be on my way to Paris. I hope i can be a part of the Legion and be integrated to the French society.

I actually want to pursue a career in the Legion and retire from there eventually.


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Welcome man.

I think we see noticeable increase of Turkish forum members after failed coup in Turkey. (if there was a coup at all or just Erdogan's purge)

Joseph Cosgrove

Hello alidemir and welcome to the forum. If it's only the French and swimming that is holding you up then concentrate on the swimming. Once you can do 100 meters then go. The swimming, like the French will improve with time.

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