Muricka89 dude

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Joseph Cosgrove

Thanks for posting and setting things straight. I'll get back to your PM later. The thread is closed as there has been enough p*ss taking on the subject. I have to admit that I also mentioned McDos on a couple of threads. So sorry for that.
Anyone else wanting to apologize pleas do it direct by PM.


Murica dude again,

Say your story anyway you like. I have the entire thread on our txt chat. I was in Aubagne and offered to meet up with you.
Asked if you had a place to stay and money. You said you had 40 euros, a hostel and that your wife talked you out. You had told her that you can see her after boot and I told you that isn't possible. I wasn't there just by chance, I had told you I will be there and also was going to have a friend meet you, before me. It was you who ultimately said that you are leaving cause your wife mans that decision, I have the entire thread, say what you like.
I was there to help you out, you went back home, that's the bottom line.
Not open for further replies.

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