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@ Snafu : as I knew it then
1 level : C.T.E. open to low ranks
2. level : C.T.1 ((having a CT 1 will help a lot in re engagement and will pay a bit more, when you get your pension (how much, i have no idea and if you get that far )
Both these levels can and are used at regiment /company /section
Open to lower ranks and nco
3. level : C.T. 2.
Usually for higher nco and mostly at regimental level
4. level : EMAT ( Establishment matériel de l armée de terre. ..techniciens, mainly high qualified civilians under army command
Only them can declare a weapon beyond repair. ..same for véhicules, radios etc .
Will post more later but now am needing a kit kat
Thanks, I'm a bit of a gun nut and have been fiddling and faffing with them most of my life, hoping to carry that over into Legion life .

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