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@ Snafu : as I knew it then
1 level : C.T.E. open to low ranks
2. level : C.T.1 ((having a CT 1 will help a lot in re engagement and will pay a bit more, when you get your pension (how much, i have no idea and if you get that far )
Both these levels can and are used at regiment /company /section
Open to lower ranks and nco
3. level : C.T. 2.
Usually for higher nco and mostly at regimental level
4. level : EMAT ( Establishment matériel de l armée de terre. ..techniciens, mainly high qualified civilians under army command
Only them can declare a weapon beyond repair. ..same for véhicules, radios etc .
Will post more later but now am needing a kit kat
Thanks, I'm a bit of a gun nut and have been fiddling and faffing with them most of my life, hoping to carry that over into Legion life .
Hoping to revive this thread again, how do the sniper courses vary/work in the Legion?

Is there a designated marksman course like the yanks? Or does one have to a full on sniper course qualifying on the PGM and the FRF2?

Thanks for any responses Greens, I'm intrigued to find out more?
I did an encadrement/teaching staff, for a, tireur d'élite course. It lasted 6 weeks and is almost as difficult /harder/worse. doing a caporals course
Mainly, shooting / optics / topo/camo/identification and transmission. ..night marches/assault course/ and inspections. ..of course, all orders barked out (the reason for my being)
2.R.E.1., 1, was the formation unit for the rest of the regiment and others too (gendarmerie mobile, anti riot and stuff, had 5 of them during this course and also the armée de l'air, "cocoyes", fusiliers/commandos, they protect the air bases, home and away
Was the F.R.F.1 at that time 87 but with memory instruction on MSA (wich is a FSA adapted for sharp shooting
The brevet / badge won : was an FRF1 thru a target and a caméléon clinching on the canon
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