Merc: American Soldiers of Fortune

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I have the original book, and it is really good. The chapter about William Brooks time in the Legion in the 70'es, and he did do five years and served in 13 DBLE, is very interesting.

by Jay Mallin (Author),‎ Robert K. Brown (Author) info from

Merc is a classic; first published in 1979, its characters and stories are as vivid and worthy of retelling today. American soldiers of fortune have seen action on nearly every battlefield in history - from the Revolutionary War to modern times, men like John Early, a member of the famed Selous Scouts who hunted terrorists in Rhodesia. They fight because they enjoy combat, for causes in which they passionately believe, for money, or simply for adventure.

The mercs profiled in this book range from West Point graduates and Harvard poets to former CIA agents and ex-cons. They are men like William Morgan, a guerrilla leader in the Cuban uprising against Fulgencio Batista, later imprisoned and executed by Fidel Castro; David Marcus, raised in New York's Hell's Kitchen, who went on to a brilliant career in law and reform politics and died in 1947 fighting for the survival of a tiny new nation called Israel; William Brooks, Vietnam Special Forces veteran who, down and out in a cheap Paris hotel, joined the French Foreign Legion and ended up in a remote African outpost where he lived on Coke, salt tablets and paregoric while fighting Somali insurgents; and George Bacon, an ex-CIA operative in Laos with mysterious connections, who died fighting Cubans in Angola.

Because their private histories parallel the larger history of unconventional warfare and political upheaval, Merc: American Soldiers of Fortune provides insight into global conflicts, but most of all it is a fast-paced, eye-opening account of a little-known but fascinating way of life.
Used to ball a chick here in Nîmes, called Béatrice born 7.7.54. ..figure that 1
She married at 17,to a parisien and he led her to Rhodesia. ..the bush etc she even got up the duff
Apparently there was a french contingent
For her,la petite bourge (her father was an ex commissaire divisionnaire. ..might explain her prénom. ..if not I will = dien bien phu) it was fun!
When things turned sour grapes and repatriated,she divorce. ..the ex hubby went on to become a braquer de banque = extrême droite
All in all,imho, Mercs are psychopathes and untrusty

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