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Hey guys I'm new here and I couldn't find anything about this already posted. I know you're not doctors but I was wondering if anyone has or knows what beta thalassemia trait is and if it will affect your chances of joining. For those that don't know it just means I carry a genetic trait that if I had a child with someone who had the same trait it could be harmful to the child but it does not affect me in any way. Sometimes it can appear as an extremely mild anemia. For example average hemoglobin levels in some places is 12 and 13 in others. Mine are 12.6. Even though it is so mild it is almost non existent I saw on the recruiting website that anemia will fail you. I have no symptoms whatsoever and do not take medication. I am heading to Paris soon and am getting a little worried. I have a doctor's note saying it does not affect me at all but since my levels are so close to normal I don't know if I should even show them the note and just see if they say something. At the same time I don't want to lie. Any and all advice is appreciated.
Thanks for your reply. I have been taking B complex vitamins and I already eat a lot of iron rich foods so I am hoping to have it reach at least 13 by the time I arrive. The reason I am on the fence about telling them was say they do notice and I didn't mention it. Then my doctor's note would make me look like a liar.
They don't want anyone with a pre-existing condition. They have thousands of other guys with no problems, so you tell them you have some condition, it might go against you. IF they tell you to go get some testing then you can have French docs exam you and say you have no problems. But really at the end of the day it is your choice and no one here is a doctor. Just I would be very hesitant to walk in and give them a reason to fail you or reject you. Would that be acceptable in the U.S. military? Did you already try? They might fail you if you have options at home and COULD join the U.S. forces but didn't. They want guys with little to no options as they are more likely to stay. You want everything on your side when you go and have your interviews. The medical is just a part of it.
I hear you. I guess I will just take my chances. As far as being motivated that is the one area I'm not worried about. I have tried multiple branches in the U.S. and they would not take me but not for medical reasons. One branch because I have tattoos and the other because I made some mistakes when I was a kid. The military is the only profession I can see myself having and the Legion is my last chance.

Joseph Cosgrove

SoldierAnt, do not tell them about your small problem, play dumb if confronted saying that the US army never mentioned it. And then play even dumber and say something like it must be the sudden change in diet.

Do not take a note from you doctor, You are just asking to get sent home. Do not take any pills with you such as vit B pills, everything will be noted down and the first thing you will be asked is why the vitamins?

If you have no symptoms and it does not affect you in anyway then go for it.

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