Legion glossary (L-Z)

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Nîmes :
Town in Southern France about 150 km West of Marseille. Home of 2REI.
Pouf :
See BMC. Pouf' is also a short for French slang word "pouffiasse" (slut).
Promo :
In 2REP, the para course held for a group of 'new comers' at the end of which they receive their para wings (Brevet de Parachutiste Militaire).
Permission de longue durée (PLD) :
Litterally long term leave, that is a leave of 2 or 3 weeks in a row. Often granted after a short term (4 months) overseas assignment, where days off entitlement could not be taken and have accumulated.
Quartier Libre (QL) :
Authorisation given to legionnaires not on duty, to leave the barracks for a short period (one evening or a week-end).
Ramasser :
Litterally, "to pick-up" or "to collect". A translation could be "to get what you deserve", "to get something not wanted". « Tu vas ramasser », you're going to get it! (a punishment). In the imperative form (« ramasse »), take this.
Rassemblement :
Gathering. Every morning and whenever necessary in the rest of the day. Can be done at platoon, company or regiment level.
RE :
Régiment étranger (Foreign Regiment)
Régiment étranger de Cavalerie (Foreign Cavalry Regiment)
Régiment étranger de Génie (Foreign Engineers Regiment)
Régiment étranger d’Infanterie (Foreign Infantry Regiment)
Régiment étranger de Parachutistes (Foreign Parachute Regiment)
Repman :
Colloquial for anyone serving or having served with 2REP. This "English like" word is in use, because at a time (80s/early 90s) there were a lot of 'Anglos' in this regiment.
Repos :
At Ease !
Sac-à-dos :
Tête de noeud ! :
Dickhead (not a regulatory command !)
Transall (C160) :
Standard tactical transportation plane in the French army, along with C130 Hercules. Used in particular for paras drops.
Acronym standing for « Véhicule de l'Avant Blindé » (frontline armoured vehicle). Standard infantry transportation vehicle in the French army.
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