Legion deployments in 2018

Joseph Cosgrove

Hello, SudSteaua.
I see that this is the first time that you've posted, so a big welcome to the forum.
What I would advise you is to check out the thread 'hello, welcome, introduce yourself' on the Home page. It's a lot easier for us to answer questions when we know with whom we are dealing.


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You can suck your own pula . And is not funny to be vulgar. I gave you a stupid answer because your question was stupid. Is not like someone have list of future deployments of FFL and even if do have do you think that he would share that on forum?
Anyway, why you are interested in that info? If you are willing to join earliest time which consider you is 2019. Another would be probably deployments in Mali and maybe some other Franco-African states.


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Ok , no problemo. Just on first reading it sounded really bad. When you say that in Serbian it's really ugly. I would have accepted it better if you had said in Romanian. Ducen pula or something like that? :)

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