Leave for family emergencies

I am wondering what the French Foreign Legion's attitudes and policies towards family emergencies is. As in, a death in the family. Will I be able to get a leave to attend the funeral?
Or if immidiate family is seriously ill and probably only days away from death, will I be allowed to go visit for a final time?
In a word.... NO! I saw this time and again, it breaks your heart to watch your mate lying in his bed knowing his dad is dying and he can't visit to say goodbye. Time and again over the five years I witnessed the same answer from the bosses office NO!

During Castel I was on guard, a Welshman I served with knew his mother was dying. At three in the afternoon I was woken and asked to go to the main gate. His father had driven for three days to get to Castel, I was asked to translate through the gate. This is how the conversation went...
Can I see my son (I translated)
Without even asking the son's name, the guard Sgt told me to say "he ain't here go away"
But I know he's here he wrote me a letter (forbidden during Castel)
Again I translated and again the guard sgt told me to say "go away"
After about an hour an officer was called, he called his boss, his boss called the 'Gestapo', the 'Gestapo' called the Welshman. His father was allowed into the guard room where the entire conversation which lasted ten minutes, was watched by three Sgts!
The Welshman's father was kicked out and told not to return... The Welshman got ten days jail !

Nice eh!
Bloody hell.
That's really going to be an issue because I really don't know when my grandmother's going to die. Can't even see his dying mother. Crazy. Excessive even. They might want to reconsider things like that. You earn excellent traitors that way.


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Crazy. Excessive even. They might want to reconsider things like that. You earn excellent traitors that way
You must also realise that the Legion is now your family if you join, nothing is more important than your family. If they let one guy go home for one reason or another then people are going to all start coming up with reasons why they should be allowed to go home. Pretend they do allow you to go home to see your sick relative, they die and then you have to stay longer to take care of business, and eventually you decide that you would rather just stay home, screw going back. The Legion has its reasons for everything they do, instead of complaining about them and trying to understand them, buckle down and realise that you aren't the only one, everyone else has to deal with the rules, you aren't special.
Yes I know about myself not being special. I've said it to a few people as well, but I just kind of felt it was something that should apply to the members equally.

It's a judgement call.
But I don't think I'm wrong if I say it's pretty excessive when they don't allow a soldier to go back for at least a week to go see his dying mother. You only have so much immidiate family. You are allowed to have leave, why not just take it out of your leave time?
Yeah I don't plan on changing my name.
I may have my issues with family but if my grandmother is dying or has died, I should be there for her for at least a week.
I know people on leave do leave France (though they're not REALLY supposed to, it's not enforced) so if you can do so while you're on leave, why can't you take time off your leave to go see a dying family member?
I know that foreign travel not under official Legion missions are impossible if you adopt a new name because of document issues.
But if you don't, I don't think I'm being selfish or idiotic when I say it's really unneccessarily excessive if a soldier decides to take time off of his leave quota to go see a dying family member.

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