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Ive walked around town numerous times and after a while you start to see the same faces over and over again. Well theres a homless guy I usually see a couple times a day. And I had just bought some crackers to use in order to choke down some canard, when I heard a rouckus. I looked over to see like 4 guys jumping the same homeless person. So I decided to help, I pulled one of the guys off which turned their attention toward me then they started yelling at me god only knows what and the guy i helped got away. Oddly enough the person that I tried to help was mad that I kept them from beating the shit out of him. It didnt seem like anyone spectacting really cared. And where just going to stand there and Watch untill somebody died. All in all it was fun.

And I do think some of the guys had sunglasses just dont know if they where oakleys.:cool::cool::cool:
Don't die before you get in bro, KMTBB!

Joseph Cosgrove

Can anyone tell me what canard is? It helps a lot pre and post workouts, but I have a feeling its Something sinister like duck organs.:confused:
Canard means duck, If you're eating it out of a can then it must be Paté de canard? or terrine de canard. Either way it won't do you any harm.

Joseph Cosgrove

Well mousse can be best translated as spread, or paste.
One other thing be careful about anymore knight in white shinning armor or Captain America actions. If you get taken in by the police, the first thing they will ask you is where are you staying. The third bush on the right as you go into the park, won't go down well. The next thing will be to ask for your return ticket. Remember that there is a US Consulate General in Marseille (opposite the prefecture) only a phone call away. If you do not have the means to stay in France they call the Consul and it's his/her problem from then on.

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