Kolwezi - Operation Leopard ’78

This issue was in the old ‘Legion Forum’. But because that forum does not exist anymore, let it put here again.

Because we all younger fellows (excepté les Anciens) have to honneur the history and learn about it, here comes links for one of the most famous operations that Légion Étrangère put things in order:




â€￾Rescued by French Foreign Legionâ€￾

This should be made "must" read stuff for REP wannabes, one man got an "acrochage" which means when he left the plane he was still attached to it by his static, they did a go around and cut him free, he popped his reserve! Heros! Every last man of them!

Everytime I read about Kolwezi I get a hard on!!!


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Great bit of info, i enjoyed reading it thanks. One thing i did notice, the 5 who died if you look at it there is something that will be different from pretty much any other army in the world. The NCOs out number the grunts. Leading by example is in my opinion the most important leadership principle, and obviously the Legion takes this to heart.
Thanks again for the post, you are correct us wannabies have to learn up on the history. How can we know how great the Legion is if we don't learn of its heroes.

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