Kiwi veterans of the French Foreign Legion prepare to mark their own 'Anzac Day'

Joseph Cosgrove

Jul 13, 2013
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What the article doesn't say is that Taikato and Trembath were both in the 3 rd Cie REP. Taikato was one hard c*nt. He finished Adjudant, but only because he had promised to sign on again. In the end he left at 18 yrs, which did not go down well.

One evening when the 24 Cchs who were supposed to be studying for our CAT 2, he had his orders to check up on us, as officier de permanence. Half the course had gone home and the other half (except for 2) were in the popote des Cch across from the the lecture room.

Taikato had a list of names and gave out the roll call. Out of those who were in the 3rd company, 3 out of 4 had gone home. I told the adjudant, a fellow kiwi, that they had gone to the toilet. He marked them present.

Trembath went back to the NZ army and from what Ossie O tells me, became quite a celebrity. He was easily one of the best shots in the REP, but never quite got around to mastering French.

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