Kajaki/Kilo Bravo Two

Hearing good things about this movie - anyone seen it? Apparently a group of Brit paratroopers get stuck in a minefield in Helmand. It is supposedly very accurate and true to life. Will report back once I have seen it

Long time no hear. lol. The film is excellent and very true to actual events. On another subject how HK has changed from the 1960s'. Also with your nomenclature I can remember when Wan Chai really was the world of Suzie Wong. Yank sailors all over the place, bars touting for business and the US Coastguard Station Ship very prominent in the so-called fragrant harbour. I pity you, it is not as it used to be and has lost so much of its original character and characters. Still that's supposedly progress.
Ahoy there Chas. I can report that the world of Suzie Wong is still alive - although the work seems to have been outsourced to Suzie Fernandez and her sisters from China, Thailand and even Africa. Unfortunately the place has firmly planted it's flag in China's camp so the place is over-run with our mainland cousins these days. The days of rubbing shoulders with squaddies from Stanley or provoking US sailors on a Saturday night are just a memory. Having said that I'm still a sucker on a hot and steamy summers night stumbling along Lockhart Road as Asian beauties in micro-skirts drag you behind the velvet curtain. At my age though it is the exception rather than the rule.

And I seem to be late with this movie - it seems Sarahlouise beat me to it - by about a year!!
Thanks for the link Sarahlouise. The film seems pretty close the actual events according to the Wiki entry. Incredible how the soldiers dealt with being in the shittiest of shit situations - Brits eh! RIP indeed

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No worries there though WanChai. Definitely worthy of a repost! They renamed it for recent release over in the States for whatever reason. RIP Cpl Wright and to all who lost their lives out there.

I'm a little late in giving my respects! Cpl. wright a typical para who's only thoughts were for his men when the crap hit the fan! I hope the movie does them justice! Rest in peace red devil!

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