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Not really. Can't see what your gripe is. Are you saying the guys from 2 Para are better than the guys who served in the Falkands or Afghanistan? Or the guys from 1SAS are better than the guys who smoked the Iranian embassy? Ridiculous to make comparisons it's like Tyson vs Ali..who would've won. Yawn
Exactly... just like comparing Mayweather with McGregor.... oh wait...


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Anyway, the real French Foreign Legion ceased to exist in July 1962 anyway, when Algeria got independence from France. Anything after that, except from that glorious drop by 2 REP in Kolwezi, Zaire, in May 1978, to me just looks like they are trying to be legionnaires, while not quite succeding, B-actors at the best.
I think the world is a better place because of the French Foreign Legion. I don't know how you can say that the Legion isn't real anymore. If there are no more real Legionnaires, then how can there be a French Foreign Legion. I think the world needs the Legion and is a better place for it. And since the French Foreign Legion is still exists, that means that the French Foreign Legion is real and that all legionnaires are real tried and true legionnaires not fake ones. The Legion has help change the course of many lives, whether that be from fighting terrorism, to giving troubled people a second chance.
I'm going to the Legion because I have too many tattoos and can't go back to the Marines. I don't know what I would do without the Legion. Everybody that joins legion I'm sure has an interesting and worth hearing past. And most would agree that the Legion has made them better. I'm sure that even the people who have deserted or who were rejected are proud to have been associated with the Legion weather they want to admit it or not.:mad:

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