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Always knew she was a fighter, still thoughts and prayers out to her and the family,hears hope for a speedy recovery.
I'd like to send some positive vibes out there if only they could help Joette. But Mr 666, she isn't the only woman to ever have served in the Legion.
To avoid any misunderstanding here, Joette never served in the Legion. She's the daughter of a Tirailleur Marocain (or Algérien, not sure) who served in the French Army and married a German woman when he was based in Germany, after WWII, as part of the French occupation troops. She later moved to the USA and married an American citizen.
She joined this forum many years ago because she was looking for information about her father, who – as I understand – had passed away when she was very young, and believed he might have been in the Legion. Having made a consensus within the forum members, thanks to her modesty and kindness, she later became a moderator, before discretely withdrawing from the forum, for reasons known to her.
I was quite shocked when I saw the announcements on FB, as she seemed to be in perfect health. Like all of you, of course I have wished and again wish her a prompt recovery. Happy to read from Flash's last post that things are improving.


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up date guys

I am going to give you an update of her current condition so you all understand. She has little movement in her right leg. Her right arm is still lifeless BUT she is starting to get the feeling back in it. She suffers from Aphasia, which means she can't speak her words, she knows what shes trying to say, it just does not come out right. Also there is a lot of relearning that she is going to have to do.
With that being said, going to see her today was amazing. Her determination is nothing like I have ever seen in my life! She has laughed and smiled more in the last 2 days than I have seen her do in a while. She is spunky and energetic and ready to face 5 therapies tomorrow. Words cannot even start to describe the warmth in my heart. Not only for Moms improvement but for the love from you all. I want to give a huge thank YOU to Travis Cannon for his devotion to my Family and His best friend, My Mama! Travis you are amazing! A huge Thank You to Cornell Dubilier for the donations and support. We love you all!! I wanted to give everyone an update, Just keep praying for my precious Mama. Prayers work!!! She is solid proof of that! Thank You All! Much Love from our family to yours!!

.......she is not out the woods yet but getting there.
thanks to andrea for up dates.

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Well, i don't really want to be the one breaking the news, but before the forum ran into some problems, Joette was kind of recovering and fate struck her family again, Joette lost her Husband. :(


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We have a phrase in my country: Misfortune always comes in pairs. Sorry for her loss and wish her recovery. This reminds me of my experience 3 years ago when I found out this forum.


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Hey guys! Any more news on how Joette and Andrea are doing? Every time I check the Forum I look for any updates.
If you read this Joette and/or Andrea: you still are in our prayers and we wish you and your family all the best. There is nothing that can ease the pain of losing a loved one but I hope that Life will try and somehow compensate. Be strong, for yourself, your family and friends and your fellow forum members who have not forgot you.
All the Best!!


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Guys, sad news Joette has died. Not sure about what happened and don't want to ask Andrea just now. It's a sad loss all round she was a woman and a half.
Very sad news, I shared many a conversation with her. Her and her family went through so much this year with her stroke, then her husband dying suddenly from a heart attack. Seems like too much for a family to endure. Wishing the best to Andrea and the family. RIP Joette. You will be missed.

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