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Im going in at 1.11.2021


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Aug 27, 2011
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I did send him, not only the checklist, which can be downloaded, but the whole video, which is over 14 minutes long*. on the check list is logically Passport, I do mention that there is no point in sending it home and hoping to get with some other form of ID, the legion aren't stupid**. #2 on the checklist is that you should decide in advance whether you want to go to Aubagne or Paris, before heading out. I have insisted that on that particular video, I was going to way up the pros or the cons of joining one or the other. I did provide the reference to a video which does that.
On point #3 "Travel Route" I have told the future legionnaire how to get to F de N from the air port or from the train station:
View attachment 7297

I have again given the reference to a video which I have done previously. In fact I have even gone as far as to show how to compost your ticket -to avoid getting a fine.

*14 minutes of video, is about two days of solid graft. Do I think it's worth it? Yes, I do. I re-put myself in the shoes of someone who is going to join and cannot speak the lingo and doesn't have a clue where to go.
I did the same list in French, in the hope that those who are going to join would take an interest in learning the different articles in French and any Francophones who are going to join.
I also added a third language, Nepali, because they are by far the most frequent visitors to my channel.

** You can get a one year emergency passport from the consulate of your country. Which is why, in one of my videos, I recommend that you find the nearest consulate to wherever you are are posted. It will of course cancel out your old one, which is being held by the legion. For the US, there is a Consulate General in Marseille (opposite the prefecture). I know because I worked there for 6 years. ;)
A one year emergency passport allows you to travel anywhere for a year. So you go home on leave and re-apply for another one. Should it take too long, no bother, you still have another 11 months left.
Just make sure that you come back and honor your 5 year contract.
Seems like he ignored that , most likely he`ll fail the IQ test .