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Thank god! It was getting a little slow on the board....

We've had some cheeky American 'washouts.' More brash and bold ones keep popping up though.

Found some older posts of yours that were very funny stories. Thank you.


Mick old chap! Good to have you back! Seen you chaps have been busy ;).
I'm trying to have my account deleted again. I came back to post jobs that I know are open. But I'm not going to be spoken to like that by anyone. Rapace is a cunt and Dusaboss jumps on any discussion that is having a go at me.
Ten years ago I would have hunted them down and gutted the pricks. Now I just don't have the time or inclination to argue with these *** nobodies. They would last two seconds in my world. Civilian cunts.
Ok, I'm not going to reply to insults... You've got your 15 mn of fame, the opportunity of “rouler des mécaniquesâ€￾ as we say in French, and explaining how ‘badass’ you are. Time is up, end of story. Your account won't be deleted, as the webmaster has other fishes to fry than doing, undoing, redoing, and undoing again things at the whim of any unhappy camper. If you change your mind and want to ‘stay’, you're welcome (contrary to what you may believe), if you want to ‘leave’ the board (again), simply just stop posting: easy and hassle free.
So, the good (?) news is that you can still send PMs, if you have a go at me or anybody else. Any future public posting containing insults or threats will be discarded. Compris ? Tu peux disposer.

P.s.: and by the way, this board is not for recruiting. There are other specialised sites for that.
Not open for further replies.

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