Hidden Soldier: An Irish Legionnaire's Wars from Bosnia to Iraq



This book by Pádraig O'Keeffe is somewhat disheartening or counterproductive if one is looking for something inspirational about La Legion

I have respect for every soldier who does his duty but this was very depressing at points in my opinion. C'est la vie...

If anyone knows any inspiring books or documentaries please let me know.



I know plenty. I would recommend Diary of an American Legionnaire by Gareth Carins. But that is just my opinion, Screw Salazar and the other "Americans" Who went and never hacked it or otherwise deserted.

P.S. Je vous en prie FEIRITREAR
The last one I read while doing my military service was Evan McGorman's Life In The French Foreign Legion, as it has a lot of answers to the usual questions on signing up, selection and following years. I actually got it for some good tips and tricks on how to make military life bearable for the fresh recruit, anything from shot feet (as in blistered and not with a gun) to how to be the gray guy during selection. The information on it might be outdated a bit (McGorman served 89-94 apparently) but I feel its the right measure of motivation AND dissuasion for the hopeful recruit who might not be totally set on what he's getting into and why.
I've just gotten done reading this book and, although I get where you are coming from, I thought it was a good read. A good balance between his time in the legion and his time after. I'm about to start Bill Parris' "The Making of a Legionnaire".

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