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Hi everyone. I have been reading your posts for several years and this is actually the first time I write. Im a 33 yo Colombian fellow leaving in Germany and working in IT. As some of you have pointed out, I also hate this 9 to 5 pointless life and corporate world where everyone just talks bullshit, drinks coffee and buy trousers and seems to be scared about everything that somehow disrupts the safety of their little world.
I have always wanted to join the military. I tried to join the Colombian Air Force twice when I was 17 and got rejected because I was 5 mm shorter than the required height. (I'm 1.66 m now). As I couldn't lose more time, I applied to an university and studied engineering hoping to join the military someday. After many situations I ended up with a living in Germany (since 2015) where I also got a master degree and a wife (no children) but the military life has been always present in my head.
I have always been working out since I was a teen: martial arts, weights lifting, rock climbing and diving Actually sports and physical activity is what keeps me alive and give some kind of meaning to my life. I can do 20 pull-ups, run 2,900 m in 12 minutes, 100 push ups. I work out every day for 2 hours and some times more.
Joining the FFL has been in my head for many years, but has become a real option only in the last 3 since I live in Europe. I'm thinking about trying my chances this year and fight against the probability. I would lie if I say that I am not looking for adventure and a meaningful life, but I realize that life in the military (and in FFL in particular) in not necessarily like that. All I am looking is for camaraderie, a family, and a purpose.
I write to show my respect and just say thanks to all of you for the information you have shared. I hope to post again some day.
Hi and welcome. Be careful, since military life in general is not what many people believe or what you see in documentaries... Some ‘movement’ when you're deployed or doing field exercise, but also long periods of little activity and boredom in between. Keep that in mind to avoid disappointment. But if what you're looking for is only ‘military lifestyle’, without fantasizing too much about becoming some kind of a Rambo, you may be fine.

Joseph Cosgrove

Another welcome to the forum. You've been reading the posts for a while, which is good. But without meaning to invade your private life, if you intend to stay with your wife, does she know what is in for her? When you are waiting around because there is nothing going on at the moment, It's not too bad, because you know what is going on. But your wife, who hasn't heard from you for weeks, perhaps even months will not know what is going on.

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