Hello everyone!

Newly joined. I just wanted to say hi and introduce myself. I'm thinking about joining the FFL for a very long time. At least past two years. I'm 27, from Turkey, was born to Hungarian and Turkish parents. My parents are divorced so I'm living with my mom. I haven't talked to my dad for about 3 years. I have served in the Turkish Armed Forces before, where they are clashing with the militants. I saw combat. We were ambushed a few times both day and night but that's all. I was dating a girl from the UK, she was a really cool girl, I loved her more than anything. We met online and seen each other in real life a couple of times. We were dating for 4 years, then we had some kind of an argument and stopped talking to each other. And then I heard about the sad news from her friend, she committed suicide. My world fell apart. I got really sad and depressed for a very long time. I lost interest in my hobbies. No joy. And it's still going on. I'm working out hard and trying to forget what happened in the past. Keeping myself busy. I'm about 199cm and 104kg physically. I'm still thinking about joining the FFL everyday. I just love helping people. The salary is not really my thing as long as I get my food and water lol. Well that was my life story. I just wanted to know what do you guys thinking about it? Should I go for it?

Joseph Cosgrove

Flanker, I think you should go for it. But before doing so make sure you have finished mourning over the loss of your friend. No mention of your heartbreak at all in Aubagne. If you are over it, no need to bring it up.
I know how hard it is to get over the death of someone you love and how it can affect you. It's been a while so you obviously found some ways to cope, for me I found lots of regular exercise helped, meeting friends at least once a week for a Friday night dinner, lots of hiking and working a job that you enjoy and takes your focus. Basically staying busy.

Talking to someone who has gone through something similar also helps but it is usually hard for us guys to deal with emotional things head on. :D
I think you would do well in the legion if you can let go of grief and regret and focus on living life for yourself and living the life and being the man that your ex would have been proud of. She would want you to be happy and pursue your goals.

Just make sure you are in top shape and have your head on right and give it a go!

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