Just a shout to any folks in Florida. Kind of getting hammered by Irma. Be safe. No power for about five hours now. Giving in and going to bed. I'm east coast, directly across the river from Cape Canaveral. As they say the sloppy side of the storm.

Joseph Cosgrove

Stay safe ! Remember on this day 2001 terrorists tried to bring the US to it's knees. For those who pray, pray for those who have lost everything. Stay strong Kermit Q if it's any consolation you have friends here scattered around the globe. Best of luck mate.
Here's a shout back. We live near Cape Haze, fairly low at 3 meters above sea level. So we prepared by putting up our plywood shutters and then evacuated to my daughter's house in south Fort Myers as planned. About 30 minutes before we were leaving anyway we got a phone call from the Charlotte County government ordering us to evacuate from our "B" zone neighborhood.

My daughter's house is higher up at around six meters (19 feet) in a "C" evacuation zone. We lost power at 1340 on Sunday. The northern eye wall came through about 1740 or so. Their house is concrete block and well built with hurricane shutters. Mostly we didn't hear anything unless we went to the windows. In general we were well supplied, having been through it before several times. We went without any power from 1340 Sunday until Monday morning.

My daughter and son-in-law have a 5000 watt generator set and I brought my 3600 watt generator and an 8K btu window A/C. On Monday morning at O'Dark Thirty we deployed the 5k genset and got busy organizing our base camp.

On Monday we learned our house in Cape Haze still had electric power so we've returned here. My mother in law lives with us, is 80 and has a heart condition so A/C isn't a luxury for her. My daughter, son in law and twin grandsons are mostly living in their master bedroom with the window A/C and refrigerators powered by the generators.

In general no biggie for us but its a lot, lot harder for many other people. And it could have been far tougher yet. Irma came ashore at Marco Island probably as a CAT 3 or weak CAT 4 and decayed to a CAT 2 by the time it reached us in South Fort Myers/Estero. Power outages, a lot of broken tree branches and a lot of localized flooding from rain are the main problems. Hurricane Charley was more compact but also far more destructive. It does appear some of the Florida Keys got body slammed badly.

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