flat feet - is it really a problem?

Yes, I posted this one bofere, but I was not able to see if I got any more bright answers, cause THE MF you all know about (thank you MF :mad: )
Could any Ancien tell me if the FFL gives a shit about flat feet?
I do have some degree of flat feet, but this does not give me knee injuries or any problem on running or doing sports in a normal manner. But you all have read that the doctor checking you in Pre Selection becomes some kind of God, and if he just feels like it, its bye bye.




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Yeah I saw some Turkish kid get the boot, his feet were very flat though, like Donald Duck's, I shit you not and his knees clicked too when he squatted. They didn't even let him run. When you get your physical, the Doc will look at you from head to toe at first and asess your body type. He'll look at your legs and check if you're knock-kneed or bow legged then look at your feet to see if you are severly flat footed. Do your best to stand on the outer sides of your feet and make it look like you have arches. If you can do the cooper, you should be straight. Good luck mate.
I recall two legionnaires who had flat feet from their walk and posture. One of them was a fast long-distance runner. However, I cannot vouch how flat their feet were for it wasn't my job to do the checking....


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When getting the physical do they do as the U.S. military does and have you stand up completely straight and turn your feet out as far as possible? In this position it is quite obvious if you have flat feet or not. :cool:

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