First Impressions on this site.


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I think we may be developing a problem and perhap giving the wrong first impression to new users of this site.

The last few times I have signed on this site, the first thing I see is a long list of tweet feeds generally ranting about muslims and how great Trump is.

Now all of that is well and good but to have it as the first thing a new users sees when rocking up here may give the impression that we are something that we are not, a politically aligned entity.

Perhaps the mods could discuss this and contemplate a way forward to better express the purpose of this site.

I will not argue the content or the politics of the tweet 'news' feeds or the opinions behind them but I am uncomfortable with it having such a dominant place on the front page after logging in.

waddya think?


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Me to. My home cervens page is New Posts so I don't even see it. My impression is that on this forum nobody gives too much F about politic


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This is the first time I looked at this tweet feed. It looks like a lot of useless garbage to me, that can be found on any sleazy magazine or Face Book.


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Joseph on home page of forum you will see "Newest Replies". Among them you will see threads from user "Tweet_feed".

Or simple search for thread "Some World News".

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